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Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I am unfortunately losing some fruit trees but I am planning on extending my existing vegetable garden northwards instead. I use raised beds, and this garden is more for productivity than relaxing but I do want it to be aesthetically pleasing. I like my current raised beds, but I want to do something different for the rest of the garden. I think if I continues the pattern it will be too repetitive.

But I can't get myself thinking out of the box here (no pun intended!). Ideas for bed layouts are appreciated. The new garden will incorporate the apple trees. I've attached an overall layout of the property, the new garden perimeter (with the existing raised beds drawn in), and a couple of shots of the existing garden. The drawings are to scale.

Thumbnail by NicoleC Thumbnail by NicoleC Thumbnail by NicoleC Thumbnail by NicoleC
Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

P.S. I think I see a picket fence around the whole thing, but the hogwire will definitely be going away.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

So are you saying you're making them all veggie gardens or you want to add flower beds?

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I have lots of landscaping beds, so inside the fence is annual veggies only (and a new strawberry patch). I have a big rabbit problem, so I need the fence for my edibles.

I do mostly use the beds outside the fence (in light brown) for herbs and plants to attract and feed beneficials, and plan to continue that. I have perennial herbs along the southern edge and around the shed (as well as many in the landscaping).

Here's what I am thinking right now. I tried to create a meandering flow from gate to gate. I use the area behind the shed for storing trellis' and cages, hence the gate there. I keep my implements of destruction in the shed, so a gate there. And the existing gate is as close to the house as I can get -- for harvesting, just checking on stuff or just wandering through the garden.

The double circle near the top would maybe have a sculpture in it as well as plants, and possibly incorporating another bird bath. I thought of doing an arbor where I have to remove the one 2x8 bed, but I decided it would block my view of the garden from my bedroom window. So for the moment that idea is nixed.

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