A garden like a river?

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Hi- I am looking for advice. I have a very tall cedar stump that is going to be carved into a jumping fish. When I finally found a chainsaw carver, instead of the bear peaking out from the overgrown hedge that I had been thinking of, he suggested a jumping fish, as he saw the raggedy strip as a "river" when he drove in. I have been reclaiming the area from the weeds, I live near Seattle, so it is soggy 8 months but then usually severe summer drought. It is clay, sloping down to the tree stump. I do not actually own the pictured driveway or the grape arbor. I get along great with my neighbors, so if the evergreen hedging past the driveway needs to be trimmed or taken down this could happen.
So now I am designing a 'river": so far my thoughts include a swirling blue river, with ?? swoops of ?blue spring bulbs like muscari 'Blue Spike', fall crocus 'Emperor', spring-summer perennials like maybe Blue phlox subulata, Veronica 'Georgia Blue' or 'Blue Reflection', Lithodora 'Grace Ward' or 'White Star'. To bring it into summer all I could think of is Linum perenne 'Sapphire', or maybe a short Lavender like 'Elagance Sky'. Then for a "beach" how about the Stepable Raoulia australis, which is like grey sand, with some spikes of yellow reblooming Bearded Iris (which seem fairly drought tolerant here) growing out of the beach. I could even get carried away with blue or white waves of Ceanothus and a white very tough Clematis I have 'Paul Farges Summer Snow' crashing up against the stump!
Am I nuts??? You all are very thoughtful and clever and might have great suggestions. (I lurk on this forum but so far unable to help anyone).

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Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I definitely see the imagery. I think the concrete is the river, and the space along the edge should be riverbank.

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Hmmm, you could be right. If I went that route the 'river' could extend down to the stump with silvery leaved blue flowers- Lavender 'Ellagance Sky' might work, but even tho it is short it might not be short enough. maybe thyme, but it might need too much water in the summer.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I never water my thyme and it's fine. It does get kinda woody after a while if that's a problem. But there are many kinds to choose from.

I'm not sure where it is you plan to "extend" the river, tho, so I can't quite picture it. I guess in my mind I saw the river edge like a typical creek edge with plants hanging over the water and maybe a pebbled beach. With the shrubs down that way, it looks like the river has a bend and goes behind the shrubs. Your sculpture could be a bear fishing for salmon, except I'm not sure it's big enough for that.

Of course I'm not there in person so maybe my eye is being fooled by the pictures?

BTW, I think turning that stump into art is an awesome idea!

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Hmm, I think I would think of "river" more as texture than as color. Flowey foliage. But I don't really know what grows up there. And no, you're not crazy, sounds very cool.

Kinda like designing a Rose Parade float...

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Im having difficulty figuring out where your property is and if the driveway is the river, how can you design it if it does not belong to you? Is the photog standing on your property? The driveway appears to lead down the hill to your cedar stump so do you live down the hill beyond the stump?

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