What would you do with this

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

Have this old broken lamp, can't glue or put back together, but I'd like to, don't have the heart to throw out. The longer piece I could probably stick into the ground and use as a plant hanger, but really don't want to expose it to the weather. Any suggestions?

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columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

close ups

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Lisle, IL(Zone 5a)

Have you tried to repair it with JB Weld?

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

I tried loctite epoxy for metal/concrete, didn't work. Its impossible to get the 2 pieces lined up as it is very heavy, have tried proping the pieces to line up with no luck. Will look for the JB Weld.

Englewood, FL

The top piece is way too heavy for JB Weld or any type of glue, it looks it may be cast iron, if it is, find a welding shop that can weld cast iron, its too nice to throw out. I had one similar that I used it to hang a bird cage from .I'll try to send a picture.

Englewood, FL

this is the old lamp that I converted to a cage hanger, complete with fake parakeets.

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columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

I think you are right that it is cast iron, very heavy and solid metal. The cord would have been on the outside as the long part is solid. Love your birdcage.Not sure cast iron can be welded.

Englewood, FL

Yes, cast iron can be welded, most welding shops have the equipment to do it.

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

Thanks, will search for one as I love old standing lamps.

Southern California, CA

Keep us posted as to the welding repair. I am happy to hear it can be repaired. It's lovely, either as a lamp or something else.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

A decorative join, like a ball or oval or twist can be welded so the broken section has a design element. You would have to find an iron foundry such as a shop that makes custom gates and decorative details. Much of what they use is customized from prefab and not necessarily costly. I designed and had table bases made at such a shop.

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

Thanks, that is a great idea!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

It's a beautiful lamp. I'd do my best to restore it.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

ditto that and I love ifantail's cage hanger.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

ifantail ~ if you hadn't have said the 'parakeets' in there were fake, I wouldn't have guessed them to be fake. They sure look real to me! Great job on the re-purpose of the lamp post.

I've got an old bird cage that I bought few years ago from a thrift store to use as a house decoration. Not sure if I want to turn it into a plant hanger or not. Still undecided on its fate as it's sitting in my 2nd bedroom that is being used for storage at the moment. Thanks for sharing your picture.

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

I too love the birdcage idea, had real parakeets once, but what a mess. Where did you get the fake ones that look so real? The weld won't be happening soon, finally into contracts with selling my house so packing like crazy.

Englewood, FL

Kob, I found the 'keets at 2 different yard sales about 5 yrs apart. Just lucky I guess, good luck on your move.

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get, moving to Tennessee with 5 cats and a dog. DH wll take the dog and one cat, been in my current house for 30 years so much to sell and sort through.

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