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SOLVED: Triple Daylily- triploid or mutation?

Paradise, CA(Zone 9a)

When we moved into our house there were several daylilies, Hemerocallis sp., already on the property. They were planted in a bed that didn't get much sun and were straggly and not blooming. I have since moved many clumps around the yard to more suitable locations, and the first several that bloomed were just your average wild form tawny lily. This year, two that have bloomed so far have been different. One has large-petaled yellow-orange double flowers, and then there is this one... So far this is the first and only bloom, but there are a few additional buds so there should be more coming soon.

This bloom appears to be at least a triple! It's very beautiful, and different but similar in color to the tawny lilies. From my preliminary research it might be Hemerocallis "Flora Pleno" or "Kwanso."
Flora Pleno:


Coloration appears right for either, and then there is the obvious three sets of petals. It seems most similar to Flora Pleno to me... My only holdout is that my flower appears to have a small 4th layer of petals on the inside and the anthers do not appear to be very well developed... I don't have much knowledge on daylilies and don't want to add it to PlantFiles images if it isn't correct. Could it be a mutation of this one flower, or is it likely a triploid cultivar?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Paradise, CA(Zone 9a)

Pictures didn't load? Second attempt...

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Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

My mother used to have the double-flowered Hemerocallis fulva way back when I was a kid ('60s and '70s) and she inherited them from her mom, etc, so this is a very old cultivar. Since then I've seen these plants labelled as 'flore pleno' and 'Kwanso' but they all look the same to me (taking into account local differences in growing conditions).

Paradise, CA(Zone 9a)

Thanks Tom. I am hoping it is a triple so I keep getting these pretty blooms. The tawny lilies are pretty too, but there are so many daylilies on the property, there were 4 different beds full of just them! It's nice to see something a bit more interesting :). Here are a couple more pics too.

Thumbnail by ogon Thumbnail by ogon Thumbnail by ogon
(Zone 7a)

I saw someone a couple of days ago mention that Flore Pleno has a more symmetrical form. If you compare the 2 side by side, you can tell the difference. I think you have Flore Pleno.

Paradise, CA(Zone 9a)

Thank you for clarifying the difference between the two Kwanjin. After looking more closely at images of each I think you are correct. Flore Pleno does appear to have a more symetrical shape which matches my daylily. I will mark this thread as solved! Thank you Tom and Kwanjin!

(Zone 7a)

You're very welcome.

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