Hard to believe how time has flown, but the16th DG annual photo contest has begun! Find the details here. Best wishes to all the entrants!!!

2012 List of Upcoming Swaps - Page 4

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

We came from here:http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1232329/

This is the link to SI Likes and Dislikes for future swaps. Feel free to add yours or update your old one:

And here's a link to the "MY FAVORITE THINGS" thread that Deejay9 (Susie) has going to anyone to add their likes/dislikes/wants and haves..please feel free to add a post of yours, to help any future swap buddies :)


This is a trade for live plants- please check it out and look at how Susie runs her swap. She's done this for quite a while and it is a great way to get new plants!

SocksSniffSip Swap- Crit (Patti) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
This sounds like it's going to be a very popular one! I can't believe how many have signed up already :) Patti is taking signups until Jan 15 and boxes to be sent by Jan 31. Better hurry over and get in on this one!

(1) Valentine Day Swap- Crit (Patti) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
This is always a favorite type of swap.. let someone be your Valentine! Patti has it open and is taking names until Jan 31st and boxes mailed by Feb 10th, so your valentine gets her goodies in plenty of time - you know the drill! Hurry up and sign up lol

(2) 4th Annual Windchime Swap- Clancampbell (Chris) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
Ok, the sign up has begun :) Please join me for my 4th windchime swap!

(1) Best of the Blarney- Crit (Patti) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
St Patrick's Day swap- should be fun! Sign up is now open and continue till March 2nd- mailing to be done by March 12th. Come over for a showing o' the green!
Here's the Reveal page if you'd like to see what gets sent out - http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1244857/

(2) 5th Annual 3-B House Swap- Purpbutfly (Cindy) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
Signup will start Feb 20th for this bird/butterfly/bat house swap..I think the fact that it is Cindy's 5th swap shows how popular this one is! You can specify which type of house you'd like or just let your buddy surprise you :) Names will be taken till March 6th and mailing be done so your buddy receives it by March 20th-in time for Spring! Go over and check it out :)

(1) Froggie Swap- Tater55 (LK) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
This was my first swap to join in and it is one of my favorites! It's amazing how many 'frog' items you can find for your buddy :)
I'm already signed up.. hurry up and join me! lol

This is the month of April - I'll add the new link each month, so keep watching! It's a trade for live plants- please check it out and look at how Susie runs her swap. She's done this for quite a while and it is a great way to get new plants! This is the page to sign up, so head on over there!

(1) Houseplant/Tropical Swap- FOTV (Susan) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
This is a plant trade - get your starts going for this one! Names will be taken until May 14th, so head on over :)

(2) Red, White & Blue Swap- Heavenscape (Jaye) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
Just as it says- our patriotic colors are sent out all over the USA and Canada! Names will be taken until May 19th, so get in the fun of things!

This is a monthly swap that Susie has done for a long time. If you're in need of some plants and have some to swap, this is the place to be!


(1) Raise My Baby- jordankittyjo (Kathy) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
This one can be a little wild sometimes LOL.. from hiding the 'babies' in the closet to feeding them alcohol to a bird trying to eat them (I have the pic to prove it too!) In this swap, you send your buddy a plant for them to grow and an impartial judge will determine who has the cutest baby lol.. Names are being taken till June 3rd and then the plant has to be sent by June 27th.

(2) Uglee Mug Swap- AmandaEsq (Amanda) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
Everyone can use a new tea/coffee mug.. find something unique! Sign up till May 31st and boxes to be sent no later than June 10th. This one was really popular last year, so go over and get yourself a new mug :)

(3) ROUNDUP- 3rd Annual South Central VA Spring RU- FOTV (Susan)
This is not a swap, but a gathering of all our friends who can come for good times, laughs, plants, food and so much more! I went last year and we had such a good time!
If there's any way you can make it, please come..you'll have such a great time :) For all the information on the RU June 30th, please go to the thread below:

(4) Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Swap (Rouxcrew) Joy CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
A new swap with a new hostess- lots of fun! And a bit of a different challenge in this one for us! Only 4 items can be sent..should get interesting! lol
Names are being taken until June 14th and boxes to be sent out no later than July 4th

(1) Trash to Treasure (BettyPauze) Betty
Repurposing/recycling whatever you can find.. make it into a garden sign, a new birdhouse, whatever you can think up!

(2) Fairy/Gnome Swap (Mud_Elf) Kris --hosted by (Tater55) Linda Kay as Kris is having major internet problems CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
Just as it says..we find different art objects for the garden, inside or wherever your buddy prefers. Always a popular swap :) LK is taking names till July 13, so please come over and join us! Boxes to be sent by July 27th.

This is a monthly swap that Susie has done for a long time. If you're in need of some plants and have some to swap, this is the place to be! This month is a little different as the swap is for 3 plants - colors of red, white and blue.. love it!

(4) Christmas in July Swap (Rouxcrew) Joy CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
For those who can't wait until December to spread a little Christmas cheer :) Sign up is through July 31st with the boxes being sent no later than Aug. 21st, so plenty of time to do this swap and some of our other ones (hint, hint!)

(1) Neck of the Woods Swap- FOTV (Susan/Fruity) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
Start finding items made in your town/state for this very fun swap! Names are being taken until Aug 3rd and the packages are to be mailed by Aug. 27th. If you like trying new food items, this swap is for you!

(2) 1st Bi-annual Memorial Wind Chime Swap- ClanCampbell (Chris) CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS
My first 2nd wind chime swap of the year - in loving memory of my late hubby Glen. Please join me :)

This is a monthly swap that Susie has done for a long time. If you're in need of some plants and have some to swap, this is the place to be! This month is a little different as they will be sending gift cards due to the heat in the diffrent areas - if you're interested, please go on over and sign up!

One of the most loved swaps we have :) Boy, I just about missed posting this one! The signup is through 9/10, so hurry over if you haven't signed up yet!

This is a monthly swap that Susie has done for a long time. If you're in need of some plants and have some to swap, this is the place to be! This month is a choice of 2 ways to swap: either a Lost Tag plant or a Named plant-you get to choose which one you would like to participate in. if you're interested, please go on over and sign up!

(3) Fall Houseplant/Tropical Swap- FOTV (Susan) NOW OPEN
This is a swap of 3 houseplants/tropicals or some bulbs can be subbed for 1 of the houseplants. Come over and get yourself some new green things :)

(4) Halloween Swap- OutlawHeart81 (Kelly)
If you love Halloween, this one is for you!

(1) Painted Rock Swap- Crit (Patti)
Exactly what it sounds like :) And if you can't paint, you can find one already done..or decorate it some other way, like stickers or tiles or whatever you decide!

(2) Painted Pot Swap - Hartzell81 (Heather) NOW OPEN!!
This is a new idea - you paint/decorate a flowerpot for your buddy! Names are being taken until Oct 22 and mailing by Nov 5th. Hurry over and join :)

(1) Christmas Swap- FOTV (Susan)
VERY popular swap- we all love getting Christmas presents, right? :)


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Thumbnail by ClanCampbell
(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone.. sorry I've been MIA - lots of reasons and none of them worth talking about lol..

The picture I used this time is from the Birdhouse swap from this year - LK (tater55) did an excellent job of making me one that looks like my new house (how long do I live here before it's not the "new house"??)

Susie, I added the new swap for July - that sounds like so much fun.. 3 plants and in the colors of our flag.

Here's a pic of my house to give you an idea of how the birdhouse matches my house :)

Thumbnail by ClanCampbell
(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

OH.. and Linda, here's the caladiums you sent with the birdhouse!! The pic was taken this afternoon - I have 2 planters this size with them on the steps to the gazebo :)

Thumbnail by ClanCampbell
Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Our RU is next Saturday! SIL flew home today, is staying at her Mom's and expect we'll have company a while tomorrow afternoon. We're going to miss all of you who wanted to attend this year. Should I have a Pina Colada for ya'll at the Cabin or a Margarita? Sounds like you could use a long tall cold drink, Missy Clan.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Glad to see they are doing good for you Chris!

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks Chris. :)

Mountain View, CA(Zone 9b)

Thanks, Chris.
That birdhouse from LK sounds really cool!

Elfie @ Goodwater,, AL(Zone 7b)

Chris >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

due to unexpected internet issues and money issues too. I am going to have a ask that the Fairy and Gnome swap be hosted by someone else this year. I am unable to post pictures, dail-up is so bad at the house I am having it turned off. It is just not worth the effort to use it and the cost is ruiness. I really was looking forward to this one but it is just not to be...

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)


Chris, I have opened the fairy gnome swap. Please add it to the list. Thanks!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Fairy and gnome swap is open for all those interested. Come and check it out.

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Wow- having major issues with DG not wanting to open any of the threads for me :(

I finally have this updated for you LK.. geez!!

Everyone, please come over and join the Fairy/Gnome swap - these are always so much fun to receive for the garden :)

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Our Third Annual "Neck Of The Woods" swap is open: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1270225/

Chris, leave it on the August calendar and just add the link when you have time and DG cooperates for you. Wonder what was up with threads not wanting to open for you? Our cut-off date for sign-ups is Midnight Friday August 3rd and our food goodies should be headed to their new destination shortly afterward and, hopefully, no later than the week of August 27th.

Wouldn't miss your August Wind Chime swap! Either from boredom or this horrendous heat or maybe both, I've been working on decorated rocks.

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(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Hey we talked about a Christmas in July swap several times. I realize that it is almost half through July, and also don't want to overload anyone, but what do y'all think?


(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I like the idea Joy, go for it, see what happens!

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

OK, I just posted an interest thread for Christmas in July. Come on over and let's enjoy some Yuletide cheer in the scorching summertime for a different treat!



(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

I'm not sure what was going on, Fruitness - but it sure was aggravating! I even rebooted, just in case it was the computer and not DG :) It's doing fine now, so hopefully the tantrums are over now (mine, not DG! LOL)

I've got both of the swaps added up top - let all your DG friends know about this thread and get some new folks started (I think we called this enabling)

I, too, already have my windchimes ready for the next swap - found a couple of beauties while in TX - we'll see if they both go to a new home or not!

LK, I have dahlias growing in my back yard :) Had a quite a fight on my hand with the stupid squirrels though - I bet I've planted and re-planted some of these at least 4 times now! Once the plants start growing though, they leave them alone lol. I did finally wise up and put a birdbath on the ground so that they could reach the water - someone at work said they might be digging them up because I was watering them every day and the squirrels were thirsty enough to dig for the water. The digging has definitely eased up since I did that :)

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Great job, Missy Clan :) We were without internet for several hours yesterday while our provider performed maintenance tasks, and you'd think the World was coming to an end when hubby couldn't access Craig's List...lol

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Glad to hear they are growing for you Chris! Post pictures when they bloom please?

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

I am so addicted to Craig's List!! lol... it's bad- in fact that's where I was surfing right before I got on DG :) I don't need anything, but it's fun to watch some of the idiots on there bicker back and forth. If you ever need a laugh, go on there to "Best of Craigslist". TOO funny!

LK, I sure will... and I had to replant 3 of them tonight (muttering under my breath) One this time had been chewed on, so not sure that one's going to make it, but I plopped it back into the ground anyway! And then re-filled the watering dish I had put out there for those stupid squirrels/chipmunks/whatever it is that loves to watch me replant!! I'm beginning to feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack - can't you see me out there, blowing big holes in the yard?? LOL

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

There's only a couple more days to go before sign-ups are closed for Neck of the Woods and Christmas in July.



Susie's August swap is also open: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1272084/

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

I finally signed up for Neck of the Woods and I've added Susie's up at the top.

We finally got some rain for the first time in forever - but even though it rained pretty good, I don't think it even put a dent in the drought. I'm still watering the dahlias, but finally gave up on 3 of them that WHATEVER keeps digging up for me - I never have seen it, but I did find a small burrow near those 3, so maybe I planted too close to his front door lol.

I have seen a chipmunk drinking out of the water I put on the ground, so not sure I should blame him or not :)

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Chris, would you please mark Neck of the Woods closed? Susie's August swap is too.
It's about time for your Wind Chime swap to open.....always a great time!

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Everything is updated.. and I opened the windchime swap.. so please come on over and join me!


(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

just Opened our last trade for this year as for plants if anyone would like to join us .
sept swap

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Interest thread for the annual PJ and or night gown swap. Come and check it out!

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Susie's famous Seed Robin is open and there's already a lot of activity: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1276399/

And I've just opened our Annual Fall Houseplants / Tropicals Swap. To make it easier this year THREE Bulbs, Tubers, Cuttings (preferably rooted), and / or Rhizomes will count as one plant. Hope all of you will join us: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1277639/

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Wow - I can't believe we're in Sept!! Where is this year flying off to???

I just added the PJ swap up top and it's almost time for names to be drawn! HURRY and JOIN!!! lol


Then I also added the houseplants/tropicals up top too.. you have time, as it just started :) But HURRY and JOIN ^_^


Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Thank you, Chris.

Last call for new participants to join our Fall Houseplants / Tropicals swap is tomorrow at Midnight!

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Hey, everyone! Heather (Hartzell81) just opened a new swap - a Painted Flowerpot swap. The info is up top along with the link to get you there :)

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Is anyone doing a fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween swap? I see OutlawHeart81 (Kelly) for the Halloween swap, but it has not been opened yet?

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

Chris can you add this one for me ?? Please .


Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Our Fall Houseplants / Tropicals swap has been closed a while and are only waiting for a couple of folks to receive.

Chris, when you have time to start a new Calendar page for next year, please put me down to host the following:

January -- Decorated Rock Swap Patti posted on another thread she's not going to be able to host it this year.
April -- Spring Houseplants / Tropicals Swap
September -- Fall Houseplants / Tropicals Swap
October -- Neck Of The Woods
December -- Christmas Exchange

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

wow fruity....aren't you brave....lol....I'm just waiting for this year's Christmas swap to be posted...soon I hope...Kath

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

Did Everyone forget Thanksgiving this year ???
even the Holloween Got cancled ????

Gee I Missed out on Holloween all the way around :( we don't get trick or treaters out this way so I was Hoping someone would
have Hosted so I could share all this candy :( with

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Still not too late for someone to do a Thanksgiving swap.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

I'd love for someone to host a Thanksgiving swap.

Come on over! Our Annual Christmas swap is now open:

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Kim_M is hosting a combo Thanksgiving / Christmas swap. Ya'll check it out and sign-up: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1284158/

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)


Stocking swap in the Crafts and Decorating forums, check it out please?

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Decorated ROCK swap is Open:


(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)


Come on over and sign up for the Valentine swap!

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