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Let's see your pictures of hostas beginning with "F"

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Pictures of hostas that begin with "F". Please add yours.

#1. 'Fire Island' - new Spring 2007. Grows fast and makes a very loose mound that practically falls part when moved. I love the spring colour and mine usually stay quite yellow all year. It gets morning light. Left in a darker spot, it will go green during the season.

#2. 'Fireworks' - new Spring 2008. This is a slow grower, but very pretty.

#3. 'First Frost' - new Spring 2007. This one started out very slow and took a few years to look good. It was Hosta of the Year in 2010. When it emerges, the margins are bright yellow.

#4. 'First Mate' - new August 2007. This one grows quite fast, but I fully divided it in 2011, sold off some sections when I did a huge plant sale to benefit my church, and replanted the remaining eyes individually. It still looks a bit sparse, but by next year, I expect it to look much more full.

#5. 'Fortunei Aureomarginata' - one of my early hostas. Given enough moisture and light, this is a magnificent hosta which I like a lot.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Fragrant Bouquet' - new September 2005 and it's growing quite well. Also suffered a bit from the late frost.

#2. 'Francee' - an early hosta which has been divided and moved around. This division, now the only one I have, was moved to this location in spring 2007 and it was quite small. It does well with some morning sun and moisture.

#3. 'Frisian Pride' - new spring 2012.

#4. 'Francis Williams' - new Spring 2009 is in a dark corner where most hostas don't like to grow. It still gets some dessication, but has done well.

#5. 'Frosted Dimples' - new Spring 2007. This one has done well and I love the powder blue colour of the leaves. It holds well all season long.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Frosted Mouse Ears' - new Spring 2009. Has show modest growth and it will bloom this year.

#2. 'Fujibotan' - new spring 2006. I love the glossy green leaves and the masses of double lavender flowers later in the season.

#3. 'Full Moon'- new Spring 2007 as a bonus plant. This one is particularly slow growing, though I did divide it in 2011. And the leaves always look dirty. I hope that changes after I get in a new load of mulch.

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Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

1. Faith- new this year, great color.

Thumbnail by Noreaster
Fairchild, WI

1st: 'Foxfire Irish Pebbles'
2nd: 'Francee'

Thumbnail by Johnny_x Thumbnail by Johnny_x
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Fire Island' - added spring 2010. Emerges with beautiful yellow color but it's all downhill from there. Burned 3 years in a row. Thin leaves get insect damage. Not a favorite. Moved to a new bed this year, so we'll see. Pic 6/15/2012

#2. 'First Frost' - new this early spring 2012. Impulse buy at the nursery because it looked really good. Still does, but the margins are beginning to whiten. Pic 6/19/2012

#3. 'Fortunei Aureomarginata' - came with the house, so pre-dates 2008. Not a hosta that wows me, but it does look good all season. Pic 6/19/2012

#4. 'Fragrant Bouquet' - came with the house, so pre-dates 2008. One of those oldies that actually looks good. Moved last year from a shady spot (where it looked weak and didn't impress me) to an open one with lots of sun, so it got hit with late frost this year. Not enough room in this bed, so still considering a permanent home for it. Pic 6/19/2012

#5. 'Fragrant Dream' - added spring 2009. One of my favorites. Love the color changes from green to darker green centers and cream to white margins. Will look even better in a month! Pic 6/19/2012

Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Francee' - came with the house, so pre-dates 2008. Another old hosta that looks really good. I like this one as much as its relative 'Patriot'. Pic 6/19/2012

#2. 'Frances Williams' - came with the house, so pre-dates 2008. Just moved and combined two this year. I got lucky my first year here with no spring dessication, but its shown some most of the time since then. Might remove if I ever need the space. Pic 5/18/2012

Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven
Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Nice pics. Sorry that your 'Fire Island' get sunburn and/or insect damage. What kind of light does it get?

You know that 'First Frost' is supposed to get whiter margins don't you? It's one that gets better as it gets a bit older, I think.

I was never impressed by FA until I moved it to a spot with more light and more moisture and it took off. It became a magnificent hosta.

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

'Fire Island' is listed as being able to take some sun, but I haven't found that true at all. Some plants can adapt to sunny spots by growing thick leaves or surviving with extra watering, but 'Fire Island' just toasted and bleached three years in a row. I even moved it back to the edge of light underneath the canopy of 'Queen of the Seas'. I think it just needs dappled light like in its new home.

Yes, Ann, I know the margins on 'First Frost' will whiten. The plant just looks different now. Here's a comparison pic of my 'First Frost' on the bottom and 'El Nino' on the top. 'First Frost' was kept in a pot for a couple months this year and got a lot more heat/light than 'El Nino', and has changed color sooner than I expected. I'm interested to see how the two compare next year.
Pic 7/4/2012.

Thumbnail by Eleven
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'First Mate' - new this spring 2012. Cute little hosta. Pic 7/4/2012

#2. 'Fragrant Blue' - added spring 2009. Not looking as pretty as last year, but still my bluest blue. The powder stays on quite late in the year. Pic 7/4/2012

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