Help! I have a mosaic question

Kansas City, MO

I am making a mosaic as a memorial for a student at my school. Students decorated ceramic tiles for the border and the center is a glass mosaic of a shooting star. My question is this: We had planned to coat the finished glass mosaic with an epoxy resin to cover any sharp edges because this will hang in the hall at school. I have never covered grout with epoxy before but assumed it would be okay. Does anyone see a problem with this?

Thank you for your help!

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Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

I have no clue but you could do a test and see if it works.

Jersey Shore, NJ(Zone 7a)

I don't have the answer to that either, but you could always put a plate of glass over the entire piece if it's hanging on a wall. As a side note, my Mom was a teacher for many years. One year her class made a 6 foot tall paper mache rabbit. I was the manager of a local store and agreed to take the rabbit after it had it's run at the school. The kids were absolutely thrilled their rabbit made it to an "exhibition" and the company I worked for loved the positive exposure. Just a thought for you. As a side note, I took great pleasure when the kids came in excitedly pointing out their work of art to any and all patrons within earshot. It was wonderful!

Hillside, NJ

Hello, I just signed up to be able to answer this question: As far the grout dried well already then you are to have no problems at all. But you should think about it again, the glass you're working with is gorgeous by itself and the grout usually levels to the edges - you'll need a lot of presure and rubbing to cut yourself on those edges. Just a thought.

The answer again is not, there's no problem to do so - just make sure the grout dried well.

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