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Let's see your pictures of hostas beginning with "P" and "Q"

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Pictures of hostas that begin with "P" and Q. Please add yours and tell us something about them.

#1. 'Pandora's Box' - new spring 2004. Very, very small. This member of the 'Baby Bunting' family is really slow to grow for me, though what I have is looking good.

#2. 'Paradise Island' - new spring 2011. Fast growing sport of 'Fire Island'. Same lovely yellow with a tiny green margin.

#3. 'Patriot' - new spring 2006. This one doesn't thrill me, but I know I need to move it as the colour doesn't work with those around it. It grows slowly, but grows quite well for me. It IS always one of the first to go downhill at the end of the summer.

#4. 'Paul's Glory' - new summer 2004. I LOVE this magnificent hosta.

#5. 'Peace' - new June 2010. Jury is out on this one. Reputed to be hard to grow, I'll give it a couple more years. The colour is pretty, but the plant looks pretty ragged.

Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn
Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Peppermint Ice' - new spring 2006. I like this hosta a lot. MINE seems to have a rhizomatous habit though it doesn't seem to be typical for this plant.

#2. 'Peanut' - new spring 2008. Struggling a bit. Maybe this small hosta would be better in a pot.

#3. 'Pewterware' - streaked sport - new spring 2009. Given to me by a friend whose 'Pewterware' sported. It has grown reasonably well for me and I like it.

#4. 'Pixie Vamp' - new this year. Seems like a lovely very small hosta.

#5. 'Popo' - new July 2011. A very tiny hosta with an interesting habit.

Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn
Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Praying Hands' - new spring 2007. This one was moved around a couple of times until I found a really good spot for it. It needs to be seen. Last summer, it bloomed for the first time, but I nearly missed it because the flower was tucked way down in the leaves.

#2. 'Proud Sentry' - new June 2010. This one is struggling a bit. Smaller than when I got it, though there are a couple of small leaves coming at the base of it.

#3. 'Punky' - new spring 2005. This sport of 'Blue Wedgwood' gets progressively lighter during the season. It's not a large plant - mine has never been divided.

Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn Thumbnail by ViolaAnn
Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

1. Parhelion- big leaves are a problem on windy days.

2. Pizzazz- new this year, impulse buy.

3. Queen of the Seas- Loses it's blue color earlier than some blues (although as of June 30, in the shade, it's still fairly blue)

Thumbnail by Noreaster Thumbnail by Noreaster Thumbnail by Noreaster
Oquawka, IL(Zone 5a)

Prairie Sky is really looking nice this year.


Pride and Joy

Thumbnail by Rose1656 Thumbnail by Rose1656 Thumbnail by Rose1656
Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)


Does 'Prairie Sky' keep its powder blue all season?

And how does 'Pathfinder' compare with 'Loyalist'? I see it's a 1st generation sport of 'Francee' while 'Loyalist' is a 2nd generation sport of 'Francee' (through 'Patriot').

Oquawka, IL(Zone 5a)


This is the first year that 'Prairie Sky' has looked this nice. It's usually eaten up by something, or hurt by the spring weather. I honestly don't know how it looks throughout the season. I'll have to pay attention to it.

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Pandora's Box' - added spring 2011. Was actually larger than this when I bought it, but I left it in the tiny pot all season and didn't plant it in the garden until this year. Oops, bad hosta mom. Still, it's a hardy little thing and looks adorably tiny next to Sum and Substance. Pic 7/4/2012

#2. 'Paradigm' - added spring 2009. One of the first hostas I like enough to buy as a larger plant. Nothing like instant satisfaction! Can take some sun and heat. Variegation and corrugation are really nice. Pic 6/15/2012

#3. 'Paradise Island' - added spring 2011. Looks great early in the spring when the color is so vibrant. By now it's turning medium green and not very exciting except for the red petioles. The margin on mine seems thinner than a bunch I've seen. In a temp pot until it has a new home. Pic 7/4/2012

#4. 'Patriot' - added spring 2009. I like the strong contrast between center and leaf margin. I don't even mind the drawstringing it's shown. But it's not a fast grower and was vandalized by the bunny this year =( Pic 7/4/2012

#5. 'Paul's Glory' - added spring 2009. Moved to this spot last year. Was previously in a lot of sun and the leaf centers bleached to a parchment color every summer. Pic 7/4/2012

Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Pilgrim' - added spring 2009. Lovely soft green and cream colors in the spring, but the leaves are very thin. This means more insect damage than most my hostas get and it tends to wilt a lot from lack of water. I like it less than I did and will probably move it to a distant bed in the fall. Pic 7/4/2012

#2. 'Pineapple Poll' - added spring 2010. Purchased online because of a sale but has proven a happy surprise. Planted in lots of sun and survives just fine. Pic 7/4/2012

#3. 'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' - added spring 2010. Moved to this spot last year. Was previously planted in lots of sun, where the centers bleached WHITE before beginning to develop holes. Looks much better now. Pic 7/4/2012

#4. 'Prairie Moon' - added fall 2011. Impulse buy on sale at the nursery. Leaves looked quite translucent at the time. Emerged very bright this spring. Color has moved towards an odd, pale green but still looks nice. Pic 7/4/2012

#5. 'Purple Heart' - new this spring 2012. Purchased online because I couldn't get 'Purple Haze' but I find myself liking this one more and more. It's just green, BUT the purple comes all the way up the petioles and dots the leaves. The veins are just defined enough to give some character and draw attention to the pointed leaves. Pic 6/19/2012

Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven Thumbnail by Eleven
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Queen Josephine' - added spring 2010. Sorry for the blurry pic, but this shows the margins beginning to turn white. A very shiny hosta than I'm glad survived the bunny attack of 2010. Pic 7/4/2012

#2. 'Queen of the Seas' - added late spring 2009. Bought in person at Hallsons, and no regrets whatsoever! A really nice hosta. Fast grower, thick substance, piecrust margins, deep veins, and a good blue sheen. Mine turned green early this year due to too much heat and sun, so I moved it further back in the bed. Pic 7/4/2012

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