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CLOSED: green & black tuxedo? bug nymph on lupine plant

Cottage Grove, OR(Zone 8a)

Found these yesterday on lupine plant that is going to seed. They've grown already! Obviously true-bug nymphs. Green bodies with black tail-coat markings. Sorry picture so fuzzy . . . it was the best of 5 shots! Western oregon foothills.

Thumbnail by spoonlegs
Cottage Grove, OR(Zone 8a)

Got some clear photos of the green/black bugs by putting them in a jar in the freezer for four minutes. Also two brownish bugs in the photo, different kind - - seed bugs of some kind, maybe?

Thumbnail by spoonlegs Thumbnail by spoonlegs
Minot, ND

Family Miridae; adults look somewhat like tarnished plant bugs - http://thelifeofyourtime.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/dscf4473.jpg

Cottage Grove, OR(Zone 8a)

Thanks flapdoodle! The adults check out as tarnished plant bug, but the nymphs don't match photos of tarnished plant bug nymphs . . . something else in Miridae family, maybe?

Minot, ND

Yes, the nymphs look more like mirids to me than anything else at the moment.

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