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What is wrong with this delph?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I've finally found solutions to slugs (copper collar), earwigs (spinosad in Sluggo Plus), broad mites (insecticidal soap), fungus (never been a big problem, but copper, sulfur and mancozeb). So what is wrong with this delph? It's a grandiflorum, either summer cloud or blue butter fly or blue mirror. I was late in saving my grandiflorums from earwigs this year, so they all were set back. This is ahead of the others.... but one floret????? The last two are from a different grandiflorum.... 7 florets doesn't seem to meet the standard either....

Can someone diagnose this?


Thumbnail by LAS14 Thumbnail by LAS14 Thumbnail by LAS14 Thumbnail by LAS14 Thumbnail by LAS14
Albany, ME(Zone 4b)


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