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Snow peas

Hobart, IN

When are snow peas considered "done" for the season? The plants are getting a little pale and not blooming as well as they once were. Since I garden in a very small area, I'm considering cutting them down to give tomatoes and squash a little more room. It has been hot and dry here (although I do provide supplemental water) so don't know if I should keep the peas going or not.

Kankakee, IL(Zone 5b)

I pulled mine last week. It's just too hot for them. Probably time for you to do the same. It got so hot so fast this year I barely got any peas at all. I'm planning on a Fall crop. Hopefully I can get some peas this year.

Hobart, IN

sweetie - thanks so much for the advice! I did pull them yesterday. The pods were getting smaller and smaller. DD (an experienced vegetable gardener unlike me) says they usually don't produce past mid-summer. With the heat, I was surprised that they made it this far since I had heard/read that they're cool season crops. When did you plant yours in the spring? I planted on 4/2 but didn't know if that was the right time for our area. I think you're just a tad warmer than me. And you're planning a fall crop? Will they have time to produce before it gets too cold?

Kankakee, IL(Zone 5b)

4/2 huh? I'm surprised they made this long. Good Job!!!! I got mine in late because my gardens weren't prepped. I am probably cooler than you, we are Northern Il. near Chicago. Truth is I could have put my peas in in March because we had such a warm Winter! They are usually the first thing in the ground. Mine didn't go in until May and by then it was getting hot. They pretty much burnt up before I could get any kind of substantial harvest. They yield so little anyway.

I have never tried a Fall crop, but I am thinking late August might be the time to put them in. I'll see though it might still be 100 degrees. I am gonna try a new variety that promises higher yields. It is an heirloom English shell pea I am getting from Seed Savers Exchange called green arrow! Hope I'm not disappointed!

I love garden peas and can barely keep the kids out of them in the Spring, but I am always disappointed with the amount of space I need to get 1 pot full of peas. I will never have enough to freeze/can/share like I can with other veg *shrug*. But I keep trying. I love peas! :)

Hobart, IN

If you're in the town of Kankakee, I know where you're at. I'm up closer to the lake, about 30 miles east and slightly south of Chicago, just south of Gary. Since you're a little farther southwest of me, I figured you'd be just slightly warmer. I waaaay over-planted in a tiny space and they were a pretty tangled mess. I didn't think they'd grow to be 5+ ft. I never had a pot full of peas at one time so I used them in stir fries or with green beans. I don't think many gardeners ever have enough peas. :)

Hallowell, ME

I planted mine in April as soon as the ground was workable and pulled them up the end of June after a bumper crop!

Hobart, IN

Good to know, Frank. I wasn't too far off track for a newbie then. I think it just got too hot here for them to do much even though I never let them wilt.

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