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(Zone 4b)

I do like my Heuchera 'Paris' and 'Lipstick' with their bright red flowers.

But here is 'Venus' and its flowers stalk detracts greatly from what I consider to be nice enough foliage. Are these long brown nondescript flowers par for the course for this heuchera (and many others)? I did trim them off but they grew again quite quickly. I may move this plant to a more hidden area to maybe better hide those 'flowers'. What do you guys and gals think re such ugly flowers?

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Yes, those are the flowers. Like you I just cut them of because the foliage is so nice 9 months of the year.. Makes for a messy looking plant when they bloom. The newer hybrids have nicer flowers.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from springcolor :
The newer hybrids have nicer flowers.

And what are the exciting ones re flower colour?


There are some very pretty flowers - try googling Heuchera Ruby Bells or Firefly. They have gorgeous flower color and as an added bonus will attract hummingbirds. If you are looking for a fuller flower, in the Spring, Tiarellas have gorgeous bottlebrush like flowers.

Below is Tiarella Pink Skyrocket.

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Any of the city series have nice flowers and Vivid is gorgeous(Hot Pink). I will have to pay more attention to the blooms, I'm a folliage nut and they hold the color all winter here.

(Zone 4b)

Thanks for that Carolyn. I do have a Tiarella..."Sugar and Spice" and it is a wonderful plant in the spring.

And as I mentioned in my opening post the red flowers for "Lipstick" and "Paris" are outstanding as well.

I tend to plant my heuchera for the foliage as well and I love to get different colors to set each of them off.

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(Zone 4b)

Quote from Carolyn22 :
I tend to plant my heuchera for the foliage

Of course. But the flower stalks for my "Venus" for example are not a neutral element but rather are a negative distraction from the usual appeal of the heuchera foliage.

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This is Vivid. Here is Terra Nova Nursery site. If you look at the pictures you can see what ones have the nice flowers. If they don't have flowers in the picture I woud think they are not a strong point for that hybrid.

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I believe that heuchera is mystic angel. Its very deep pink blooms are the prettiest.

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The label said 'Vivid', I have had this for years.

such a pretty container, Julia.

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