In Need of a Different Point of View

Hillside, NJ

Hello you all,

I finished a custom mosaic piece for a client, it is a 4'x5' image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Mexico. I tried to work her face in a different technique so I could keep the calm, softness and delicate facial expressions this image has (first image below without grout).

Now, the second picture shows the final piece after being grouted - does it looks fine? It's too soft? Should be darker?

Any comment or suggestions will be appreciate.



Thumbnail by Serendipia Thumbnail by Serendipia
mulege, Mexico

I like it. Very peaceful expression. Has the client seen it yet? kb

Hillside, NJ

Thank you KB.

He haven't seen the final piece yet, it's supposed to be a gift for his wife - should come to pick up by the weekend.


mulege, Mexico

As I look at it again (and again) I think the hands and face work together to draw attention to the face which is very calm and meditative and is the focus of the piece. I think your client will be pleased. kb

These are perfect.looks really beautiful..Nothing needs to be added!!!

Bushnell, FL

That could not be more beautiful!

Hillside, NJ

To update this post, everyone was in love with it.

Thank you a lot for your comments! I do truly appreciate them.



Thumbnail by Serendipia
Mesilla Park, NM

Oh my god, I siimply love this... I also have one that I have started, but am really behind on. I hope mine comes out as good as yours. Where was this mosaic installed? Gosh it is beautiful. I have one Madonna and child glass on glass I'm also working on. VERY SLOW here... lately.

Kudos to you for a job well done!

East Hill-Meridian, WA

It indeed the most beautiful painting i have ever seen in my life do you arrange exhibition for your paintings.

Mexico City, Mexico

dont worry it is great
it is a perfect work you get the esesence of the image

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