Fall vegetable crops in Great Lakes area?

Has anyone experimented with growing a fall vegetable garden beyond the cold-lovers like kale, carrots, etc? I know folks in warmer climates like TX do fall tomatoes but was curious as to what would be successful in our region. Would love to hear of anyone's experiences.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I've tried a few beans that way, some of them take pretty cold temps, K.Wonder ,Blue lake, long time standards.

Hmmm - interesting. I haven't tried any beans this year. Are both of these pole beans? Would you direct sow? and when?
Thanks for the idea!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Yes they are both climbers and they vine and twine,mine took about three hard frosts before they gave up and died one season.I'm trying again presently as a redo sow. About anytime now and the next few weeks should get you some beans. I have some that are about four or five days old today. Some that I re did earlier died from the drought as I had not kept up with plans.
Supposedly 51 days or so is all it takes to get beans.I'm still trying for that #!!

Just realized I don't have the space in the garden to start beans now. Rats! I'll probably just start some new kale plants to replace the ones I planted in the spring.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Well take your time deciding maybe a few more will make a suggestion for an idea or two,After all a season or two of pondering is what many of us do.("kicking an an idea around for a while"" is sometimes a good idea any way)

I could probably do the beans if my squash refuse to set any fruit but they're currently sited near trellises so that I can grow them vertically if they're ever inclined to cooperate. But time-wise, I'm not sure when to call it quits with the squash and move on to something else.

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