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Searching for old time tomato

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Searching for "Supermarket" a Marglobe, Distributed originally by Northrup King seeds ,Any help or suggestions are Welcome!

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Supermarket (XP 3391) - Breeder and vendor: Asgrow Seed Co. Characteristics: determinate vine cultivar for green-wrap market; fruit with green shoulder. Similar: Homestead 24. Resistance: Cladosporium, Stemphylium, fusarium, and alternaria. Adaptation: southern and Gulf States; semitropical areas. 1964.

...... the above from the NCSU Cultivar list. No mention of Marglobe but Homestead is similar to many of the early OP commercial varieties such as Marglobe, and no listing of the variety Supermarket from Northrup -King.

There's also Marglobe; Super, which I found listed in an earlier SSE YEearbook from 1990, and usually in almost any SSE YEarbook there are several versions of Marglobe, such as Select, Improved, you name it.

But the Super one was from Di Georgi Co of IA.

But I can't find any current seed source for either Supermarket or the Marglobe Super one, just another example of many earlier open pollinated commercial varieties that have been replaced with more recent varieties.

Best I can do.


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I knew about the Asgrow info, I just thought I would try, I've failed to find the tomato three or four times ,only there is no quit about the want and search. Thank you for the help with the search!

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

If it were me I think I'd contact Asgrow via their Google site, since they bred it and see if they still have some seeds in the deep freeze that they'd be willing to share with you.

Asgrow bred it but NK sold the seeds for not just this one but NK sold many varieties bred by other companies as you can read if you do a Google search.


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