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Tomato leaves

Bright, IN

The leaves on one of my tomato plants are curling upward. Any ideas what it needs? It's watered with a red mulch film on top of soil in a 16" pot. It feels nice and moist. It's a plant I received from a friend as a sucker she plucked off one of her plants and I rooted it in a bucket of water and then planted it in 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 potting soil, and 1/3 composted horse manure. It's now taller then me with about 4 or 5 fruits on it. I think she called it a "yellow stripey" tomato. Appreciate your help!

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Examine the leaves for bugs- like leaf rollers, leaffooted bugs, spiderwebs that could mean other bugs, some leaves just roll,

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