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CLOSED: these are all over my deck

Bay Park, NY

Late at night and in the early morning... There between 3/4 and 1 inch long. What are they? Do they sting/bite?

Thumbnail by amckeon210
Limington, ME

That looks like a 'stink bug'. They are a pest to crops, I've never been bitten or bothered by one, so I don't think they're very aggressive. They emit an odor from their abdomen that is a defense against predators and if you pick them up or irritate them that could cause them to smell too. According to Wikipedia the scientific name is Halyomorpha halys :)

Minot, ND

It is a stink bug, but definitely not Halyomorpha halys (brown marmorated stink bug) - this seems closer:

Limington, ME

^ what they said :)

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