water lily growth

Decatur, GA

My water lily leaves are growing straight out of the water! The flowers have been mostly hidden under the leaves. :-(

So I need to know what I did or am doing wrong. I didn't repot them this spring but I did use fertilizer tablets that are suppose to last a year. I have used them in the past without problems. Are they over fertilized? What would make the leaves grow straight up? They have plenty of sun throughout the day.

Thanks for any advise.

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What is the depth of your water? Were your waterlilies in the same spot the previous year without the lily pads sticking up like that?

Decatur, GA

Yes the lilies are in the same pot at the same depth of about 18inches.


I am wondering if they need dividing. Were they divided in the Spring? I had that happen before, but it was more the flowers were standing up rather than the pads. Not sure if this is the issue.

Phoenix, AZ

Helen, I love that creeping fig!

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Did you see pics of my house with creeping fig going across the front. Now its all down one side plus it has grown up into my attic from clinging to the facia. Hope it doesn't rip the facia down with all the weight. I pulled some off and of course it takes the paint with it. When I paint house again it will all have to be pulled off so may just leave it and forget about painting. LOL

Decatur, GA

My fig and lily are growing like crazy.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I don't know which lily you have, but my white ones look just like that this year. My pink and purple ones do not, but the white/pale yellow do! I'm not worrying about it, but I do trim some of the leaves away if I see a flower bud coming up, just so I can see it bloom.

Decatur, GA

Thats a good idea MerryMary. I will thin the leaves. Thanks.

Titusville, FL

Your water lilies need to be divided or moved to a bigger pot. My lilies do the same thing when they get to big for their pots.

Decatur, GA

Thanks Pondaddict. Do you think its too late to divide and repot this year?


they will bounce back if you do it now, but it will be far easier without all the leaves. Early spring would be best.

Titusville, FL

Personally, I'd divide them now. I always divide mine in October here.

What kind of pots are you using? With water lilies width is always better than height. Also, the wider your pot, the less often you'll have to divide. I use 18 quart dishpans or those under the bed storage containers.


I have heard of others using the dishpans for waterlilies. It would be too heavy for DH and I. Our pots are pulled every Spring and every Fall for vacuuming. Fertilizing is in the Spring - whatever works best for one though as nothing is hard and fast.

Apopka, FL(Zone 10a)

we are ready to try some water lillies. Our pond is 6x6x3 and the goldfish are providing ample fertilizer. Have snails and alge eater fish but they don't stunt the plants yet.

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Decatur, GA

Nice to see someone has such intense interest in your pond! A daughter possibly?
And the dog is cute too.
Beautifully clear water. Very nice.
I think a water lily would fill your pond up and cover the surface. Maybe there are miniature water lilies? Now that would be perfect.

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Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

"Tina" is a smaller water lily with beautiful deep blue/purple coloring. It also does extremely well in Florida sun.

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