Plastic and glass...can it be done????

Palm Coast, FL

I recently decided that my acrylic/plastic top patio table looked boring and decided to use some of the many, many pieces of scrap glass I have from stained glass projects. After spending hours placing the glass on the table top I realized I didn't know what products to use that would attach glass to plastic OR what grout to use either! Any suggestions would be great! The table will be outside but not exposed to any sunlight or rain as it is under the porch roof. Thanks in advance

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Hillside, NJ

There's no need to worry about it, use Weldbond Adhesive to glue the glass to the patio table - that will do.
Speaking about grout most will say go for sandless, but by experience I'll definitely use sanded grout - you will get not headaches at all.
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Mesilla Park, NM

How has the table held up? I did that to a couple of mine, glass on glass, and the only thing that has happened to them over the last couple of years, the glass got really dull and the grout needs more sealer. They are both under eaves ...


Hamburg, PA

Serendipia, the glass dull with bu minutes film of sealer for grout or abrasion. I am thinking more grout sealer left in minute fissures. Get Seoul, BRASS wool and scrub with plain water. It should shine up.

Hamburg, PA

Wow looking back I am apauled at the many typos. Ugh and very sorry!
So.... If you did not get the idea. The glass is most likely dull because of film of grout sealer. Use BRASS wool (if you cannot get it at harbor freight or a tool place check with a stained glass wear house like Warner stained glass).
Let use know how you made out!

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