Birth date 1927

Orange, CA

How can I get a copy of my birth certificate - San Francisco 1927. I know birth name. I am so tired of looking. Forms to fill out get longer and longer. Any help will be appreciated .

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Have you tried the county clerk's office? They do have a form you have to fill out, but that's just because they need to protect people's privacy so they need to make sure that people requesting certificates actually are legally entitled to a copy of it.

You might also try I've used them a number of times to order death certificates of deceased relatives, but they do also offer an option to get your own birth certificate. I don't know if there are less forms to fill out with them than there would be with the county office, one presumes they also do something to verify that it's really you requesting the certificate not someone else but maybe the form is shorter/easier (and at least I think you can do it all online, vs the county office you have to print the form and mail it)

Orange, CA

Many thanks Dublin. Where is Dublin? I am a Ca native and never heard of it.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It's in the East Bay--near Pleasanton & Livermore if you're familiar with them.

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