pressure drop per foot of tubing at different flow rates.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Does anyone know where to find olf table of pressure drop per foot of tubing at different flow rates?

I often see "max practical flow rates" quoted for different size tubes, but that must mean that, around that flow rate, the pressure drop per foot becomes serious.

I'd like to be able to estimate how much the pressure drops along the line in (say) 1/4" OD tubing when the total flow approachs 30 GPH. And I might plan on having lower pressures at the far end, by putting spot spitters at the far end where they don't need much pressure.

These "max practical flow" numbers are from memory.

3/4" PE Mainline - - 0.830" ID - - 480 GPH

1/2" PE Mainline - - 0.600" ID - - - 240 GPH

1/4" PE micro tube - 0.170" ID - - - 30 GPH

1/4" Vinyl or
PE 'Rigid Riser' - - - 0.160" ID - - - - 30 GPH ??

1/8" PE micro tube - 0.125 ID - - - - - ?? 12-20 GPH??

Then I also wonder whether the flow numbers they quote allow for the fact the the openings in transfer barbs are much smaller than the tubing ID!

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