Forced to sell stained glass etc.

Greenbrier, TN

Hello everyone. I have been a member here for quite a few years, and have enjoyed and been inspired by all the creatvity from the artists here. I really enjoyed doing mosaics for gifts and even sold a few pieces. But circumstances have forced me to have to sell my mosaic sg. The bulk of my stash is tiles, mostly 1/2", but do have some 3/4" and sg scrap. I have van gogh, mirror, clear, opaque sg. I have bagged everything, and am ready to sell. If you would be interested in buying part or all of my stash, you can contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sure wish I lived closer!!! Being in Canada just too expensive to ship

South Milwaukee, WI

Glass ( and everything ) is getting so expensive - someone like you can really help out a beginner. I hope people take advantage of it !

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