Has anyone tried the Peter Pugger Studio Press

Sioux Falls, SD

Or does anyone know someone who has? I'm wondering how they compare with the Ram Press studio presses. They're a lot less expensive and push 5 tons less but all I'll be pressing is a pizza stone so no really fancy molds and I only need to press about 12 tons anyway. I'm also wondering if you've ever compared slab results from a press to those from a slab roller (assuming they were pugged first). How much more dense are those from a press? Thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. I am a complete newbie to anything ceramic and am only beginning to learn. I will be limited to pizza stones (maybe casserole dishes some day) and pressing clays like petalite, mullite, etc. along with a small amount of ball clay for plasticity and a mix (good plasticity in its own right) containing iron for a red finish (iron) made by my clay supplier.

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