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Campanulaceae species.

faicchio, Italy

I think these photographs show either Campanula latifolia or Campanula trachelium. Can anyone help?

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faicchio, Italy

Just trying to keep my threads all together.

faicchio, Italy

Has any member any idea of the name of this species of Campanula! I suspect it is persicifolia but I am not certain.

faicchio, Italy

I have mistakenly written persicifolia when I meant trachelium. Sorry for causing confusion.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Lot of us are just starting to wake up now. I hope you get a response later today. The first time you posted in Sept, it may just have been a busy period and didn't get viewed by the right person before it got pushed down the line by newer threads.

faicchio, Italy

I have revised my opinion. It could not be persicifolia but definitely seems to be trachelium. Welcome members suggestions.

Delhi, India

I don't think C. trachelium in which corolla (more purple) is expanded and importantly calyx lobes are much shorter and broader (l and b ratio). To me leaf shape and texture, corolla shape and colour and more importantly calyx resemble Campanula bononiensis



faicchio, Italy

Bononiensis is not found in the region where I live. You may find the following link interesting.


Delhi, India

Perhaps this should be better help


faicchio, Italy

Dear Mr. Gurcharan, Many thank for the link. It is the same site which I use constantly for checking my photographs. The sp. bononiensis certainly looks similar, but as the site indicates, it is lacking in the region where I live. It very often happens that flora believed to be lacking in some regions are sometimes discovered growing in those very areas. I have found plants that are considered non existent in my area; in these very, very few cases I notify the Univ. of Naples. Best wishes

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