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Squirrels relocating your daffs?

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

I have always use daffs to repel rabbits and voles, and it has always been successful, because daffodils are poisonous. We didn't have squirrels in the community I moved from, so it was never a problem there. But in my new yard, especially with so much planting, I have learned to use freshly ground black pepper on newly turned earth to repel squirrels.

But when I moved to my new home, I didn't bother to "pepper" the daffs I put in late last fall to protect against them.

So imagine my surprise when I tilled my front parkway, and turn up several daffs that have been buried by the squirrels. They don't eat them - they just relocate them. It was nice of them to bury them such that they weren't damaged. And, come to think of it, I have found several daffodil bulbs sitting at the surface of the soil, and wondered what the deal was. They are perfectly undamaged - but wow are they in bad places!

So if you are putting in ANY bulb, including poisonous ones like daffs, give a few turns of a black pepper mill over the spot. The pepper must be fresh to be effective.


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