Our annual end-of-summer contest is here, come on down to the Dave's Garden County Fair!

A Walk in the Park

Wiggins, MS(Zone 8b)

This is my latest entry in the 2012 Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Contest on FaceBook. I would appreciate it very much if you would go to the Two Green Thumbs page on FB and click on the EVENTS tab and "like" my entries. The winner wins $50 off on their next order! Please forgive the photo quality. there are scratches on my phone camera lens. Thank you, Laney

Thumbnail by joycerogers0713 Thumbnail by joycerogers0713 Thumbnail by joycerogers0713
South, TX

That is pretty!

(Bev) Wytheville, VA(Zone 6a)

It's beautiful Laney!!!

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