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Amerillas,I'm guess on spelling.

Hominy, OK(Zone 6b)

Can I break off some of this and transplant it? It's an Amerillas. Right into the ground , take inside,or what and seems to be an older over groupped plant to me?But would hate to damage or kill it,can ya help
Me ? New to this flowering plant stuff and central Cali climate and such.Thanks for all this info, Dave's is a Great place to learn. With good people,love it here.

Hominy, OK(Zone 6b)

Whoops! Here's a PICT.

Thumbnail by Nervonahh
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Amaryllis is a bulb plant. After flowering, bulbs can be separated for transplanting. here is some general info for you. Please feel free to ask any additional questions.




Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Welcome to Dave's Nervonahh, you ask any gardening questions you want, we all have to learn and asking is a way to meet up with like minded friends.
Just remember to allow the green foliage to die down naturally as this helps feed the bulb, these bulbs are usually huge and are beautiful flowers ( I can only grow indoors and my late Dad used to but me the bulbs every year to have in flower at Christmas) hope the info from moonhowl helps too if not, get back to us.
Good luck, WeeNel.

Hominy, OK(Zone 6b)

Thank you WeeNel,still wiating on the foliage to die off. Thinking it will be green forever as it bloomed out four more flowers.
Im not used to this growing season here in Exeter Ca. they call central cali the green belt .I know why now. there are still flowers on plants here all around me. really this is one biggg bulb plant. those bulbs i wanna *breakoff* seem to be connected right to the main bulb ,there are a few not too. Id like to transplant down the drive way where the host plant is. I dont think it has ever been touched before ,must be the Grandaddy of them all, as those bulbs are huge.ill keep reading up before i do anything and dreaming on my pretty driveway. re upped my subscription too, i just love this D Garden and people! Ill be checking in. soon!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

nervonahh, I was in the middle of replying and guess I lost it. IF the foliage has went yellow and soft to touch then it would be safe to cut it off to about 2 inches from the top of the bulb so you should see 2 inches of green at the bulb tip above soil level.
I am assuming the bulbs you have are outdoors in the garden so, IF you have the confidence to dig up the bulbs (don't stick the garden fork too close to the growing bulbs or you could stab some side growing bulbs)
Once you have the bulbs out of the garden or pots, try gently remove as much soil / compost as you can, once the bulbs are on show, you then decide which bulbs you want to remove from the larger clump, do this in the cooler part of the day to make less heat stress on the newly separated bulbs,
To remove the bulbs from the clump, hold the clump firmly but not crushing them, tug the bulbs you wish to remove and IF they don't come away easily, then lay the clump down, left hand on clump, right hand on single bulb and gently tug / twist as you pull away, make sure before you do this the bulbs are firm, have roots even small roots, and examine they are all firm plump bulbs, replant after adding some blood / fish / bonemeal to the planting soil as directed on the packet.
I am unsure about the depth for outdoor planting but here we grow those bulbs as indoor flowers, we are advised to plant the bulbs to half the depth of the bulbs to save any water sitting on the bulb that may cause rot. So IF my bulbs were 4 inches tall I would have 2 inch of bulb showing on top of the soil. If your bulbs are outdoor type in your area then plant to the same depth as they were growing when lifted from the ground.
Hope this helps a bit and you enjoy your new experience on Dave's garden site, you can ask anything you want regards gardening, the site is monitored so there is no bad language or personal attack to each other though some might get a bit heated, there is normally someone else who will try cool the discussion down and be assured this is very rare. just ask away and remember there may be others who want the same information too.
Good luck, WeeNel.

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