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Chimney concern

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hi all,

I'm looking for comments from someone in the know please... Basically i've moved into a house with a wood burner installed in the living room, however the chimney is virtually non-existent! There is a steel liner in the chimney going all the way from the stove to the roof, but my concern is that the gasses come out so close to the roof. Today I managed to get the photos you see of the opening.

Is this a fire hazard? Should I get a proper chimney built?

Any comments much appreciated.

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Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Short answers: Most likely and Yes.

For me even a bigger concern than fire would be having my house filled with smoke and fumes.

What is around the clay tile I see sticking out of the roof. Concrete block or brick? Height wise the chimney should be like those you see in the background in your first photo.

I also wouldn't be surprised that the roof will also leak around the chimney. I don't know anything about the building code and how inspections are done where you are, but I can't see any US insurance company being willing to insure that set up.

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