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Hello from NWOHIO

Harrod, OH

I am new to the garden and wanted to say hello!
As you can guess from my name, I am a grandma and I love daylilies. I have over fifty named cultivars. They are in two large beds and bring me much joy, especially during times of illness.
Due to having had breast cancer and radiation, I was unable to keep up with my plants.
My husband was in the hospital shortly after and later had surgery. Needless to say, the daylily beds were neglected. With such a hot summer, they did not do too well.
I was searching for daylily pics to help identify some of my plants for the tags are faded and some of them destroyed by the weather. We have had some terrible storms in the past.
In my search, I found this wonderful garden website. And that is how I came to find this interesting place.
Thanks for the welcome mat! Have a wonderful day!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

A joyous Welcome to you, I seem to be awake at this hour due to thunderstorms.
Have you seen the lily auction also by chance ,Lots of pics there also,I like the hybridizer sticky here at the daylily forum.
Enjoy and again welcome!!

Harrod, OH

Thanks for the warm welcome. To answer your question; no, I have not seen the lily auction. At this time I would not be able to take on any more plants. I am not allowed to be out in the sunshine and my DH just doesn't have time to properly tend the ones we have. I have talked different times about selling out but DH will not hear to it. He knows I love my plants. But I also know that I can not enjoy them if the beds are full of weeds and thistles. And we had some kind of bug that bothered the plants. They were there by the hundreds. DH found out what they were called but I do not recall at the moment. The green house folks told him they were not the cause of the plants being chewed.
Yes, juhur7, I was up due to t-storms, also. I finally went to bed with my earphones on my head and tried to sleep. It did not work very well. Needless to say, I was very tired today.
Bedtime should be coming soon but first I want to check the prayer requests again.
Have a wonderful Thursday.

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Welcome to davesgarden! I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles, and I pray that you, your DH and your gardens all recover soon.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I you know you would have trouble trusting someone in your garden but maybe one of your local youth groups or the like could help you.
Scouts,church groups, etc. good people willing to help if you can find them.

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