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(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 26, 2012
9:08 AM

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Oh great. We are great rice eaters. We mix various vegies and a portion of some meat (salmon, smoked pork, roasted chicken) in the rice to reduce the consumption of meat products and get a healthier mix of food. We also drink rice milk. Makes me feel like we are poisoning ourselves trying to eat more healthily.


Mount Laurel, NJ
(Zone 7a)

September 26, 2012
3:36 PM

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don't panic!

It's a good thing to be as informed as possible on the environmental conditions that affect our food crops. I would not stop eating rice altogether. We don't stop driving because we inhale formaldehyde and carbon monoxide exhaust fumes in traffic.

We get different nutrients from different foods. Eating from a variety of foods from a particular food group, like whole grains, is good. Maybe you could try introducing a few new whole grains to your family.

We really like quinoa. It is gluten-free like rice is, and quinoa cooks really easy, using the same ratio of water-to-grain: 2 to 1. As for rice milk, maybe switch it up with soy milk or almond milk. I hope this helps. I promise my next article will be more upbeat lol.

Thanks for sharing your concerns,
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 26, 2012
3:51 PM

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We have quinoa and I mix it with rice sometimes to lighten the rice a little. Soy also has some problems connected with it which is why we chose rice milk. No giving up rice. It forms a staple of our diet when mixed with other things. Damien is focusing on making protein in meat form no longer the center of our meals but rather just a portion like vegetables and fruit. In Hawaii I would cook up eggs, rice and pineapple for breakfast. Probably could have added some chopped up nuts too. Variety is good.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 26, 2012
4:25 PM

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Mary; heee,hee,heee -- we are doomed because the salmon probably has mercury in it!

Quoting here;
"Montpelier, VT, September 19th, 9 AM: Some children may be at greater risk from mercury in tuna than previously thought, finds a new study by the Mercury Policy Project (MPP). Tuna Surprise contains the first-ever test results of canned tuna sold to schools, and assesses children’s mercury exposure from canned tuna. Independent studies, not available when government advisories were issued eight years ago, indicate that adverse effects to methylmercury occur at much lower levels of exposure than previously thought."

A child under 55 pounds should only eat a serving of tuna once a month.
arsenic in the rice
lead in the pipes
flouride in the water
alumiunium and mercury in the vaccines
mercury in the fish.

Straight pork and beef with some home grown kale might be the way to go????
Mount Vernon, KY

September 26, 2012
4:31 PM

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Unless they give pork and beef a little arsenic in their feed to help fatten them up!

They use to do that wiith chickens. I wonder if they still do????
It not only made them gain lots of weight but it gave thier skin that nice yellow skin color.
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 26, 2012
4:48 PM

Post #9287249

Oh, you are indeed wicked!! :-)

We catch our own salmon on the Chitna and Kodiak rivers. Course, you don't know that they picked up on the way to and up those rivers. Ah well. I have thought from time to time that my little back yard could easily hold a chicken coop and rabbits. No room for cows or pigs. And chicken and rabbit poop are great fertilizers.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 26, 2012
8:20 PM

Post #9287477

And what will you feed them?
Some of that cracked corn from the feed stores that had the pesticide/protein that an insect can't eat actually genetically bred up in the cracked corn?

Sorry! I did get a good chuckle about you telling me how wicked I am.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 26, 2012
9:11 PM

Post #9287527

Okay, you win. Damien says the question is "Do we stop living?" or do we just do the best we can. Besides Pike is loaded with mercury. Salmon is okay.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 27, 2012
6:27 AM

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Oh, I did not mean to make you just give up and eat what ever.
You sound very informed, and thinking about all this. Good for you.
Eat that fresh salmon and know you are doing your best-- and do continue to do so.
It is just really rough thing to do and then not worry about it so much


Also can cause illness.
I myself have stopped vaccinating, my kids are grown -- I wish I had stopped a long time ago, and I did for my son, after he had a stroke from the vaccine and developed atypical Kawasakis. He is now the healthest of all my family..

The stomach by design can handle a little bit of the heavy metals.

Because of the vaccine reactions we are limited in eating any carbohydrate and that includes much rice. We eat a little whole grain rice a few times a year.

A piece of roast beef and some kale,-- or an egg and a tomato, some cheese -- we are now starting to include more vegs and fruit but as far as all grains go-- they are now a treat lke birthday cake.

I miss cornbread -- the most- but we now have it at least once a week -- with that kale.
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 27, 2012
6:39 AM

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Kale is a little bitter tasting for me. I like cabbage though, and brussel sprouts. And no, I am not giving up on our menu.

I read a book called "Vaccination" and it was really informative. Scary. I don't do the flu vaccines, but was talked into the pneumonia and (hmmmm ?) ricketts. No that isn't right. It is what you can get when you are older if you have had chicken pox. I am never sick, neither cold or flu, so I figure why fix what isn't broken. DH doesn't vaccinate either.

Is you entire family off rice? All because of vaccine reaction? I will have to look up atypical Kawasakis. Have not heard of it. Did read about strokes and such as a reaction. The history of the development of the drugs makes me glad I wasn't born any earlier. I was getting vaccinated in the late 40's and early 50's when a lot of that R&D (call it SWAG testing) was going on with polio and such. Never did finish that one.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 27, 2012
2:05 PM

Post #9288165

Oh dear as usual I wrote too much.
I guess I will leave it and not delete this mess.

Warining if your eyes cross - stop reading.

What you are thinking of is Shingles -- chicken pox lays latent in our nerve ending all our life. Some times when we get older, some of us have an immune systems that wane, and we get the chicken pox around these nerve endings called Shingles. Some microbiologist think that without us occassional coming into contact with chicken pox ridden kids that our immune system will become lacks in its guard. It could be that the chicken vaccine might cause a rise in shingles in older people. I hope not, for I am not getting a shingles vaccine.

My family have to watch our carbohydrate intake.
If we eat slow release carbs - we can consume 30 to 60 a day.
I am not sure what is going on, but there is a problem with us breaking down long chains of Carboydrates into glucose, I would imagine it has to do with a damaged endocrine system. .
All grains have a lot of carbohydrates and all are fast releasing. The whole grains are slower though. Millet is said to not cause a rise in insulin production, so it is probably a good one to eat.

Eyes crossed yet? Yes, I am sure -- Mine are!

Kale; if kissed by frost, is pretty good - esp that blue curly type. I planted it for the first time last year and fell in love with it. I may have the wrong kind this time though beause it is curly and blue, but not as curly and a lot taller than the type I had last year. Did you know it took 12 dollars to get some Kale seeds shipped to my house this year! They did not have it in the stores. It was a total of 24 dollars. Also this year, seeds are not only sky high - but they are inferior - with a lot not germinating. This is from several seed companies.
What about turnips??? Do you like them? They are like cabbage and Kale.

But yeah, cooked cabbage with a big sweet onion and corn bread - is pretty good too, really good!.

I am raising broccoli this year and am going to try to keep it going as long as possible. I found that old woven wire fences will arch over plants really well - and I sewed some cheap fabric over it - I got this cheap , thin but sturdy fabric at Wal Mart. It looks like though that the days of cheap fabric might be behind us, like cheap gas is too.

You are in Alaska.
I was trying to figure out brussel sprouts and was watching a lot of (you tubes) about people growing brussel sprouts. I must say I love the common America person - esp if they are gardeners. One such guy was up in Alsaska. He had a cabin with a wrap around porch loaded down with wood and a few cats. He was showing all the snow and talking about going out to the garden and digging up some of his brussel sprouts He had each plant marked with a big tall thin pole. He was so interesting to watch. It is like someone has invited you into their home.


Jett Travolta had typical Kawasakis -- like my daughter did. She developed it about 8 weeks after her fourth DPT shot. She developed it from the fourth DPT shot which formed a huge lump at the injection site, she ran a high fever and kept a sick stomach/earache/low energy look about her during all that time, untill she came down with very bad and typical Kawasakis..

A long illness indeed. It also causes life long problems with lipid metabolism, mitochondria - well the metabolism. The carbs as I said. She is not the only one in the family.

Atypical Kawasakis--means the child does not show all of the symptoms of kawasakis, just most of the symptoms. They have a high persisitant fever for 5 or more days -- but they don't get the really red tongue - just slighty red, or the really bad red rash - just sort of pink. They can also keep having it too -- at almost perdictable periods of time. They have a big long name for that too called periodic fever disorder -- they have a longer name too?? I can't remember it.

Jet Travolta came out of his kawasakis with brain damage/ autism as well as a damaged heart..His heart as a matter of fact was probably causing his seizures. The worse part about it is that they were giving him Depokote - for his seizures. Depokote inhibits the mitochondria function. I had a few of years pior refused this medicine for my son and walked out of the office without anything for his seizures because I had heads up from a vaccine reaction and Emory clinic dignosing my husband with mitochondria myopathy. The mitochondrial website warned me about Depokote.

My daughter I thought got away with it both brain and heart problems, but I now know she had a personality disorder - bipolar, but was not recognized untill she had another series of Hep Bs and a flu shot in her mid 20s (forced upon her because she was going to nursing school) .. After that I said "Oh, depression really bad at times and then the mannias was when she gathered up a car load of friends, or she decided to have a pool party at our home and 70 kids showed up without warning, or anything to serve them to eat, or any games or entertainment planned. OH, I see!"

I am not againest vaccines-- totally; but I sure would be more selective if I had to do it over again, with childhood shots. As an adult - I will take my chances either way, anyway - so no to them all.

If you are still with me:
My cornbread is now made of 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 cornmeal
or sometimes I put in 1/4 whole wheat flour and a bunch of other stuff like soy proteins, or chick peas, oat bran or oatmeal.

Polio; Is considered a new disease. When I was in college microbiolgy classes - someone would always ask what happened that polio suddenly went from being a cold to a paralyzing disease.
The professor(S) fumbled around, but all came up with the answer- that We became so clean that babies that use to come in contact with polio at an earlier age , and thus was more resistant were now coming into contact with it at a later age and the immune system could not fight it off.
I see a lot of holes in this.
True -- mumps, measles and chicken pox are easier on younger kids than older folk, but there is still something missing.

In a books called "Age of Autism, a Man Made Epidemic" and "Polo: An American Story" Both very good books and won't put you to sleep - like I have done, (they both will let you put them down though to do some house work - not that spell binding). They both do seem to have a pretty good answer that the professors fumbled on and that the answer is the introduction of pesticides made of arsenic- lead.

It appears that heavy metals and semi-metals play a part in how well our immune system works, and how some pathogens combine or overcome the immune system with help from arsenic.

Something else to think about while we are taking those vaccines and eating that rice with salmon.

Around heavily sprayed apple orchards that use a lot of arsenic-lead pesticides -plenty of horses that graze near, or in these orchards, or patures that have rain run off from these orchards are dying from various forms of paralzying diseases.
Arsenic-lead was heavily used on blueberries in Maine and one of our past presidents fought a forest fire a few days before coming down with polio. His children all had a cold at the time, but no polio.

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Mount Vernon, KY

September 27, 2012
2:54 PM

Post #9288202

I am wicked indeed. :-)
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 27, 2012
3:09 PM

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The book I read was "Vaccine" by Arthur Allen. It covered polio and autism as well as tons of other illnesses. It does tend to blame new outbreaks of old diseases on those of us who don't get vaccinated. The implication is that we leave ourselves open to it and it revives. And I think you are thinking of FDR who came down with polio as an adult. No, you didn't put me to sleep. It was all interesting and I thank you for taking the time to write it.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 27, 2012
3:32 PM

Post #9288223

Well, hmmm!

You are welcome!

I am glad I did not go over board. I am rather passionate about it and I do have to be careful I don't come off as a wild eye radical.

I may be though I don't think so.

I hope just a concerned citizen.

You said; "The implication is that we leave ourselves open to it and it revives"

The whooping cough outbreaks are caused by a different strain of pertusis that the vaccine does not cover. James Cherry is in charge of this mess, as he collects 100s of 1000s of dollars from pharma companies and his pension plan money from the CDC at the same time. He has been keeping the lid on it, even as other researchers shout their findings.
So, in their wisdom they -have decided to have more booster of the same wrong strain vaccine.
It is now included in the tetanus shot. If you go in for a cut, they will give you not only a tetanus shot but a pertussis shot to go with it.

The areas like California and nothern Kentucky that have had outbreaks of pertusis whooping cough have been vaccinated up to 90 percent. Which is over the percentage that the CDC claims it takes to protect the public from a disease;.

Some snowy evening, beside a good fire - here is another good book, and interesting read;
And yes, it will still let you put it down to clean the house - but still good.

"Vaccine A" by Gary Matsumoto--- It is about the Gulf War Syndrome.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 27, 2012
3:42 PM

Post #9288229

Yes, it was Franklin D Roosevelt.
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 27, 2012
3:58 PM

Post #9288232

I will look for it. My son was in the reserves and is now a contractor embedded with an army unit in Kandahar. He takes care of the computers that track maintenance, flying hours, pilot hours etc. He went there the end of January and may come home before Christmas (home being Hawaii), or at the latest the end of January. He said they gave him every kind of shot. I am not sure if he got the latest one that a lot of the soldiers were refusing. He seems okay. It's sort of funny as he was such a woos about shots as a kid. Not any more.

Damien, my husband is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun, while I am slightly to the left of Damien, but not by much.
Mount Vernon, KY

September 27, 2012
7:39 PM

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Your son sounds like a great success, and thank him for me for protecting all that I hold dear!
Also, thank you for raising such a wonderful human being that is willing to give up so much to protect his country and it's citizens.

When the British ships pulled out to go to Iraq this last time,---- the second time -- a few days later thousand of vials of vaccines floated up on the shores. Someone had thrown them overboard.
So, I think there were many fighting behind the scenes for our soldiers. Did you see this on FOX News or remember it?

There are problems with the malaria drug. It's side effects are sometimes being made worse since it is being administered off and on over long periods of time. Your son should at least be aware of it.

I am sorry to not understand?? Not really sure if Attila the Hun is on the right or on the left??? Are you talking about political parties? Republican, and Democrat?
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 28, 2012
8:17 AM

Post #9288840

Sorry. We are very very conservative. Pretty disgusted with both parties and the mess they are continuing to make at an increasing rate of our country and lives. I don't usually get into politics as it is a pretty touchy subject. And I get confused by all the descriptors. I am a radical conservative if that makes any sense. I believe that we should each earn what we get, but I also believe that as wealthy as our country is (if they weren't blowing it all on idiocy) we should be able to care for all our citizens (legal) if they need help. Deciding who needs that help and how to administer it is the tricky one. Anyway, I don't care much for political discussion except for Damien. When he gets too over the top I can just burn his dinner. lol
Mount Vernon, KY

September 28, 2012
9:28 AM

Post #9288917

I too am a conservative.
Born and raised in a very Republican area.
But I do blog some, and have run across Democrats, and so they don't know what I am and assume that I am also a Democrat-- because only the richest people they think, like Rockefeller is a Republican..

It is rather eye opening how they think, that they are the majority and there are only a few Republicans out there. They are sweet people, but they really are clueless. One lady thought all the evil people that wanted to control us was (I really can't remember the name of the organization but I looked it up and all it was -- was a bunch of conserative law students that got together to to form some kind of faternity or club, after they felt like there was too many democrats expressing only thier views in class)

I have two cousins that served in the first Iraq war. Both made the military their carreer.
One was a Lieutenant colonel or maybe a major -- I can't remember. But he was in the Rangers.
He was also in the Pentagon on 9/11.
He took disabiltiy but would not tell me what for????He looked fit??? Which worries me - because endocrine/neuro problems -- they do look okay.
The other cousin went into the army right after highschool and I don't know what he did or his rank, but he retired from it around age 40 and went on to take a job in Wisconsin. He developed Parkinson at age 50 and is now in the nursing home -- I believe he really has ALS.
THat was what the Gulf War syndrome really was ALS. It can be fast ,or slow as in Stephen Hawkings - physics genius in the United Kingdom. He got ALS at a very young age but it developed for him very slow.

I don't know Mary;
My core beliefs seem to be stripped from me, piece by piece-- year after year..
The higher education - I believed and admired them. I see now though that what they teach is not always the truth but propaganda to suit the people at the tops needs.
The vaccines is taught one sided in the Univerisities. When I went to school in 1970 we were taught vaccines were safe with the same fevor as a Baptist preacher. One little nurse bravely held up her hand and asked what should her response be to mothers who said they witnessed a vaccine reaction. ---- They are still doing the same thing in 2000s -- they taught my daughter (a vaccine injuried victim) the same thing. AND her friend a little girl that has a son with autism that she knows was caused by the DTaP. She had to not only submit herself to be vaccinated , knowing the truth -- but she had to sit day after day in class listening to them.

I sort of reminds me of that Bible verse in the Bible about receiving the mark to buy and sell

Vaccines also should follow science but federal agencies FDA, NIH and esp the CDC - have revolving doors. A doctor may be head of the CDC vaccine mandatory schedules one day, voting his own invention - a vaccine for diarrhea as mandatory vaccine , and working for a vaccine company that is paying him millions the next day.

What is next to be stripped from me: Being a party member - I think.
I am beginning to believe that the two party system is really in place to divide Americans.
To make one side think the other side are silly nillies. So, that when any problem comes along that the American people really need fixing - they just point fingers and nothing gets done.

The EPA was caught changing temperature Data???

Scary times in the Middle East right now.
I have said too much about stuff that may offend; but sometimes when times are dark and grave (which is all the time on dangerous earth) things have to be open and heated. Although; I know that Dave's Garden should be just a place to come and talk gardening.
But even gardening, and even eating gets involved with the things that men do -things needs to be said; like arsenic in rice, and damages of the hypothalmus by vaccines.. .
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 28, 2012
9:44 AM

Post #9288948

Mount Vernon, KY

September 28, 2012
1:28 PM

Post #9289119

OH Dear!
Religous fevor indeed~!
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

September 28, 2012
1:33 PM

Post #9289127

No need to be...
New Hope, PA

October 1, 2012
5:32 AM

Post #9291819

Mount Vernon, KY

October 1, 2012
6:08 AM

Post #9291874

Well if I am - it was forced upon me : )
Because I perfer to be the garden.
Landers, CA

October 1, 2012
10:35 AM

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As a veganic organic farmer I probably pay more attention than some to what is going on with farming around the world. My take is that there are higher levels of arsenic in rice because of contaminated water supplies used for irrigation because rice is grown in paddies, that arsenic stays there and accumulates. I too, am a big rice eater. And I feed it to my two Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, and my Runner Ducks. There isn't really a monetarily available substitution for me. So I buy Basmati Rice and Forbidden Rice which is still grown in the Himalayas. Most people do not know that a great deal of rice that is sold in the U.S. is grown in the U.S. And I think the U.S. would likely have higher levels of arsenic contamination that in the Himalayas. I also do not buy the fact that brown rice is necessarily more healthy. Look at the Asian countries who up until the last several decades were huge consumers of white rice. Yet, their good levels of health were much higher than U.S. residents. The difference too comes from being a meat eater, which most Asian countries did not indulge in. If you eat a lot of white rice and the rest of your diet consists of junk food - arsenic contamination plays a bigger role. But that is another story as Paul Harvey says
(Mary) Anchorage, AK
(Zone 4b)

October 1, 2012
10:48 AM

Post #9292291

Hmmm. Hadn't thought about that. Will give basmati another try. I am not too much a fan of clumping rice although it is easier to eat with chopsticks
Mount Vernon, KY

October 1, 2012
6:38 PM

Post #9292943

Most rice comes from Arkansas.

Low carb diets;

This is for children.

Epilepsy magazine says it is also a good diet for Alzheimer's disease , dementia, vasculalitis, autism, thyroid, diabeties, celiacs, rhumatoid arthritis, cancer, auto immune diseases of all kinds.

It sure looks like fast release carbs are not the diet for us.
Japan and China are ate up with Kawasakis -- that is a childhood disease that involves inflammation of blood vessels.
South Korea 1 out of 38 children have some form of autism which beats the United States 1 out of 88.
Fort Garland, CO
(Zone 4b)

October 1, 2012
7:38 PM

Post #9293034

Kale from three sources had low germination rates for me this year too. What's with that???
Mount Vernon, KY

October 1, 2012
8:24 PM

Post #9293097

Petset: I don't know, but is was not just limited to kale for me.
I had Three different varieties of Kale from two different companies and they hardly any came up and as expensive as they are; did not make me very happy.

I had a lot of trouble with a lot of seeds germinating this year. I had one company send me some more since they claimed 95 percent germination out of six tiny red millet and only one came up. Indian corn did not come up, but sporatically; same for the broom corn. I had some old seeds of broom corn on an old scraw crow two years back and they came up great!
I had trouble from water melons too and had to replant four times. Out of two packages of Carolina Cross Watermelon - I only got one plant. It was new seed too - that I bought from Tractor Supply and others from Wal Mart.
Even the tomatoes I bought at the store got so big and then died. The ones I raised did fine.

It is like some curse has been put anything I bought this year?
Last year Kale came up like weeds.

I planted my three varieties two different ways. I babied them!
One I put straw over it, not thick at all
and the other way: I made a green house out of woven wire - arching it and sewing fabric on to it like a tent. It was suppose to shield the seeds from the sun and keep it moisture - but now I think it might of made it too hot -

I am curious if you can get seeds off of Kale instead of ordering them?
12 dollars for postage is rather steep and even the seeds seem to be sky high this year????

And I am curious what kind of Kale you planted?
Mount Vernon, KY

October 5, 2012
11:57 AM

Post #9296695

Something I felt I should pass along.

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