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Campsis & Cypress Vine

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

I'm confused. Is a cypress vine a perennial or just a prodigious self seeder? I have been told by salespeople at 2 different local garden shops (the kind that are only open during the spring/summer/fall in low overhead locations; i.e., farmer's market) that they are perennial. The first time I bought one, it didn't do well or return, but it was in a pretty shade area. The one I bought this spring is flourishing.

Because I wasn't sure if it would return, I ordered a Campsis grandiflora Morning Calm for that bed. Now that it is flourishing, I'm wondering if I can add the trumpet vine without overwhelming it.

I'm also a little concerned about planting two such exuberant vines in such a small bed. The trumpet vine absolutely has to go there because it is my orange bed. If necessary I can move the cypress vine to another bed. If I move the cypress vine, it will have to grow into an Euonymus hedge which is subject to trimming.

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