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Sunny recommendations?

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I'd love to see a hosta taking root in an all day sunny post. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

I tried Gold Standard in a 80% sunny spot because folks said it did well in the sun. Apparently my spot was too sunny because I had to move it. However, I am in PA and my summers are hotter than in Chicago area, so it might do better for you......

I have others that do OK in 50% sun - but they do suffer some burning in the heat of dry summers. I collected a list to build that bed. Here it is:

Abba Dabba Do
Allen P. McConnell
August Moon
Birchwood Parky's Gold
Blue Angel
Blue Mammoth
Blue Umbrellas
Candy Heart
Carolina Sunshine
Chinese Sunrise
Circle of Light
Crowned Imperial
Dee’s Golden Jewel
Diana Remembered
Dixie Chick
Eagle’s Nest
Fools Gold
fortunei 'Albomarginata'
fortunei Aureomarginata
fortunei Hyacinthina
Foxfire Flash
Fragrant Bouquet
Frances Williams
Fried Bananas
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fringe Benefit Glory
Gold Drop
Gold Edger
Gold Standard
Gosan Sunproof
Green Gold
Green Gables
Hadspen Blue
Joshua’s Banner
Korean Snow
Krossa Regal
Leather Sheen
Lemon Lime
Lunar Orbit
Montana Hatsushimo
North Hills
On Stage
Paul’s Glory
Pearl Lake
plantaginea Aphdrodite
plantaginea Ming Treasure
plantaginea Venus
Prairieland Memories
Purple Lady Finger
Queen Josephine
Raleigh Rememberance
Regal Splendor
Royal Standard
Royal Super
September Sun
Shade Fanfare
So Sweet
Starboard Light
Stained Glass
Sugar and Cream
Sum and Substance
Sum of All
Sun Power
Sunny Delight
Sweet Home Chicago
undulata & family including:
u. Albomarginata
Vanilla Cream
Wide Brim
Zippity Do Dah

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Hi, I just bought 2 nice size August Moons, and I am happy to know that they like some sun, they are nice shade of lime green.

Buy the way, I used to live in Norristown, Pa in the '80, close to St. Teresas church and school. Etelka

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Keseta. Small world. We moved here 6 years ago. I bet a lot has changed since the 80s. We like where we are. Old stone house, nice mature yard. No complaints! Good luck with your August Moons. I don't have that one, but I know it's a pretty color.....

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

I lived in the Rolling Green Apt. and in the back of the place they had some woods and every morning the phesants where comming out of the woods making that rooster sound. Also the apt. complex let me use some of the garden space and I groo some flowers. Before that I lived in Lansdale, where I had a large vegt. garden, groo 6 different tomatoes, potatoes and a lots of beutiful peonies. Also remember the Easter Sunday when it snowed and it was so much, even the cab driver would not pick me up to go to work on Monday. I am going way back now. Happy gardening. Etelka

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

I had 'Grand Tiara' sitting in full sun for two years at my corner garden, hardly ever gets watered. I consider it very sun tolerant and also very drought tolerant for a hosta.


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