Plans/how-to for landscape timber+solar lights

Manassas, VA

I have scoured the internet for plans to make yard art using landscape timbers and solar lights. I have seen them at craft shows and I have found pictures online but I'll be darned if I can find a how-to!! Landscape timber, cut to varying heights, is used and a hole is drilled into one of the timbers for the solar light. Sometimes flags or figurines are added. I've included one of the pics I found online. If anyone could direct me to where I can find a site that has directions, I'd be ever so grateful!!

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Englewood, FL

The picture is pretty self explanatory, just copy what you see, I would guess the timbers are cut at 8,12, & 16 in. in length, use deck screws in the back to hold them together, the chain is the type used to hide the electric cord from a ceiling fan to the wall outlet, you could even wrap rope around the timbers so it would look more like a piling at a pier. I might try this myself, thanks for sending this in.

Englewood, FL

When my wife saw your picture she said, I want one, I put this one together this morning, 2 1/2 " deck screws hold the whole thing together,,I left the longest timber stick out of the bottom 16" so I could bury it to keep it from falling over. Thanks for posting Sunflower.

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Manassas, VA

Thank you for the reply and your insight. I wasn't sure how to keep the timbers joined. Deck screws are a great idea! You did a nice job on your yard art. I love the rope detail!

Gatlinburg, TN

I just read this and sent you a d mail. I don't use deck screws. I take a sturdy piece of 1x1 strip, cut it to fit behind each of the three pieces and nail them together like that. the lower one is easy to hide and the taller one I bring up about 4" above the wood and shave it down to fit the solar light. that way you have the entire top to put a decoration on. I did a very woodsy rustic bear light today for a neighbor. will send pics soon. it took me about three hours total. I had the timbers already cut and my decorations ready. I used ceramic bear scenes, evergreens from my trees and pine cones. I just like mine to be really sturdy.

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