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Cornus Kousa "Red Select"

Cayuga Heights, NY

Does anyone have any experience with Red Select cornus kousa? I am thinking about buying some, but I can only find two pages on internet that have any information about them at all. Absolutely no photos. The nursery owner said they have white flowers tinged with red.

I am particularly interested in how they will look when they mature. I love the horizontal, Japanese-looking branching of many dogwoods and am wondering if these will have that quality. Attached are photos I took at the nursery.

I am in central New York, plan to plant 4 near my property line. There is morning sun and afternoon shade (from neighbor's huge black locust trees). Our soil is pretty rocky. I am not aware of any drainage problem.

I may add a Milky Way to try to block a telephone pole. From what I gather, those can be pretty bushy.

There are a number of Satomi's at the nursery, and they have clearly horizontal branching, and I think they could work well in a border because they can be kind of bushy. But I'm a little wary of buying a number of them. Read that the pink-flowered kousas more prone to disease. The Satomi is not one of the Rutgers disease-resistant types (such as the Stellar Pink). The Red Select isn't a Rutgers tree either, but the nursery owner said he believed it was very hardy, that the "select" in the name indicated this.

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Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

I have a few Satomi's here, very hardy with no issue's with disease. kousa's are a safe bet for disease resistent dogwood's.

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