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need help to identify my Campodeidae genus

Bandar-e-Abbas, Iran

hello guys.
i need key that can help me to identify my Campodeidae (diplura )genus.
it's very necessary for me.

Bandar-e-Abbas, Iran

thanks but these are not useful for me. :(

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I found only one reference to diplura in your part of the world, some species found in Turkey. Any searches referencing that species in your country only turned up this result from the Swiss review of Zoology

Alberto SENDRA, Ali SATAR & Sergio MONTAGUD. First contribution to the
Campodeid fauna of the Anatolian Peninsula, Turkey (Diplura: Campodeidae)

and this result

Diplura in Persian
راسته دم چنگالان، از زير رده بي بالان

Copyright: Geology of iran,Website,About Author Dictionary source: English Persian Geology Terms (Maleki)
More: English to Persian translation of Diplura

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