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What is this bug?

Allentown, PA

The contractor doing the exterior lighting on my house found this insect. Since it wouldn't pose I had a tough time getting a good clean shot of its most distinguishing feature, a dorsal shield, resembling a fan, that stands up off its back. It didn't bite the contractor. Maybe he was just lucky.

Please tell me its a good bug.

Thumbnail by Spygarden Thumbnail by Spygarden
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)


This forum is for questions relating to adding data to the BugFiles database.

We have a forum on Insect and Spider Identification here:
and if you post your question there, you may get some help,

If you have an image, you could attach it to the message you post for a better chance of getting an identification

Having said that, I can in fact give you some information about your insect. It is an Assassin Bug, in the family Reduviidae in the Bug order Hemiptera: . There are a lot of different Assassin Bugs, and I cannot tell you which yours is.

BugFiles Administrator

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