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SOLVED: Scandent Groundcover ID

Broward Estates, FL

I am here in South Florida and have seen this plant growing at the local Living Color Garden Shop. It is not, however, one of the plants they sell. The clerk thought it was a Gomphrena, but having Googled gomphrenas I think that she is wrong. Can someone help me?

Thumbnail by GJames44 Thumbnail by GJames44 Thumbnail by GJames44
Seattle, WA

persicaria chinensis "red dragon"?


Cottage Grove, OR(Zone 8a)

I think it may be Alternanthera dentata.

Broward Estates, FL

Ahhh.... The power of the internet. Thanks vngarden and spoonlegs for your responses. Spoonlegs, I believe you are right on. So great to have this identified. I'm rooting some cuttings now and even managed to collect some with roots in tact. I am a big fan of actually knowing what I have growing.

Thanks a million and have a great holiday season!


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