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Is any one out there interested in Dollshouses? This new craze for us started a few years ago when we purchased a Greenleaf house called "Garfield". All Built and furnished ready to go. I had a large kit stashed in a closet and that prompted me to start building. It was slow progress.
Then we purchased another house in need of repair. My farmhouse kit was put aside while renovated this Georgian Mansion.
Then I semi retired and purchased three more kits from Real Good Toys. While renovating the Georgian I built the RGT country church and finished it.
Last year a friend called to say she was looking for a home for two dollshouses from a friend that wall ill. So we added two more.
Now starting to run our of real estate on which to build them. Also considering two more kits for Laserdollshouses on ebay.
I will take and post pics but need a support group for the habit

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

I haven't actually built a dollhouse yet but I got a kick out of your post. I do get one of those "dollhouse" catalogs from purchasing miniatures for my outside "mini" garden endeavors. Have you thought about taking it outside? I keep thinking one of these years I'll build a dollhouse for my grand-daughter but she isn't really into dolls so that's that. Here are few "mini" garden pics. The little fairies and gnome are like 2" tall and the gardens are made in an old Weber grill. Happy building!

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(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Those are adorable!!!!

Mountain View, HI

finally got some photos taken.

We took the plunge and ordered two dollshouses from Lasercut Dollshouse company. Should be here in six to eight weeks - they come by boat to Hawaii

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Here' another pic of the church. I also built the 1:12 scale Conestoga wagon. I look for anything in 1:12 scale, cars, planes etc

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Mountain View, HI

This one we rescued.

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(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)


Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

How fun. Wish I had a bigger house for such things, LOL.

Saugerties, NY(Zone 5a)

I love your houses, you've got quite the set-up, how many do you have total now LOL, I think it's great you take in rescues too.. I enjoy seeing the pictures, I made one many years ago, it was an old Victorian made by Greenleaf, back then it was easy to put together, today I'd need a magnifying glass.

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Yes, I have worked on three different ones, mine which is now a 12 room dollhouse, and my daughter and oldest granddaughter built one that I painted and furnished, and one (pink) for my youngest granddaughter a few Christmas' ago.

I will try and find the link to the pictures. Here is the link

The are habitforming, but soooo much fun!

I started out with dollar store furniture then moved up to Hobby Lobby furniture. My whole family has contributed to them. We have made so many things to put in them!

So glad to see this thread! Keep it up!


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You are so fortunate to obtain one built and furnished! That was certainly a blessing! They are very hard to find here....really few and far between!

I still have boxes of little furniture and stuff! I actually still have another kit in the closet of a small one. I will have to look and see which it is. It will proably get passed on to one of the grandchildren. I don't know where I would put it at the moment. Who knows, it might get built someday!

You have done wonderful work on yours! Can't way to see pictures of your new kits when they are together!

Keep up the good work!


Crozet, VA

Hi All - Just stumbled across this thread today and had to comment. First off, hello to my sweet Jeanne. I laughed when hearing your story of getting started by buying Dollar Store furnishings before you had a doll house........same here Jeanne. I still don't have a doll house but do have a few pieces of furniture for one. I have looked on line more hours than I want to admit researching doll houses. I too am short on space, so don't know if I will ever actually have a doll house of my very own or not.

I am using the excuse that my grand daughter needs one to play with when she visits...but deep down know that I would end up getting much more enjoyment out of having one than she probably ever would.

I saved your link on here for your doll house endeavors Jeanne, and when I have the time plan to sit and go through and read it. So glad we have more things in common.

As for Microb, are you still in to this?


Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi Ruby!

So happy to find out that you too love the dollhouses! It has brought so much joy to our lives.....Mom when she was alive, made so many wonderful things for the dollhouses.....from small accessories, people, furniture, you name it! She enjoyed it soooo much! We had so much fun....then my daughter and granddaughter assembled one, and went thru those stages, then we assembled one for my youngest we have been doing this now for almost 18 years.

The poor dollhouse is sooo dusty. It needs a good well as the big one does.

I hope you can have one too someday! They are addictive!

Please read about our adventures on my thread at


Crozet, VA

thanks Jeanne......I will read your fun adventures later on when I have more time. Thanks for the link up. I am sure that as time allows, I may have questions for you as I get more involved in setting something up here. For now........have a great day.


Mountain View, HI

It's been a busy year since I started this thread. Happy to see a few folks kept it going for a few months.
Spent the year converting a room that contained cats and birds into a dollshouse workshop. Also had a couple of weeks in England and, of course, the usual down time with cold, flu, aches and pains.
Purchased at least one more kit during the year, built a dollshouse scale greenhouse and kept adding to the Victorian Farmhouse.
Put together with tape the Laser Dollshouse company Victorian manor. Its allows us to plan color schemes decorations etc. Then we will take it down and start from scratch decorating as we go.
I hope the pics of Greenhouse and Dolls room (We call it the emporium) come out OK.

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Very cool microb. I never did build my grand-daughter one. I did build her a playhouse though, not quite the same scale but pretty fun none-the-less. It breaks down into 6 pieces to transport.
I just noticed you're in Mountain View, my sis used to live in Volcano, of course this was many moons ago, like 30 years. We also new Ray Boyea (artist) and Dean (Chandler?). I'm getting old, I remember names from 30 years ago better than someone I met today, LOL.

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Wow microb, it's no wonder you were running out of real estate! Those are incredible. Does anybody know how I can shrink myself to 1/12 my current size? I'll take the lavender Victorian thank you. And yes, the greenhouse please.

Dee I love your fairy houses, a lot. You do an amazing variety of things so beautifully.

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