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Need advice on landscape edging for ditch lilies

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

My front yard slopes down to the street (we don't have a sidewalk). At the bottom of that hill is a long row of ditch lilies, bordering the curb, that has been there forever (much longer than 20 years), maybe a yard deep. The daylilies are slowly creeping up the hill, though, and I'd like to restrain them. I don't want to remove them, as they work very well for erosion control there.

Do you think a 5" landscape edging would help? Or would it be pointless? I'm sure some lilies would come up under the edging, but if it would restrain them a bit, it could be worth it.

I have considered bamboo barricade, but that is supposed to be dug in at least 24" deep, and I think that is overkill.

Or do you have other suggestions?

(I thought I posted this question yesterday, but I don't see it today; if I did already post it I am sorry for the duplication.)

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I did find this thread -- -- but I'm hoping to find someone with direct experience. I could be whistling in the wind....

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I have always had the plants ,the only time I ever did that was with 8 x 16 concrete blocks .,then filled the holes in the block with concrete. One plant in five or six years made it out of the containment , Personally I would rather dig a few out every so often, too much work!!lol
I was or had thought about two spaced 8x's with landscape fabric between them, That way all I would have to do was dig a hole.!!
In summary I think any barricade with some landscape fabric at the bottom of the barricade would hold them..

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

What we ended up doing was digging down about 2 feet and putting two or three layers of landscape fabric against the area where we wanted to retard the spread. We'll see if it helps. They are in an area where I don't want to have to do a lot of active gardening if I can help it, so I don't want to have to remember to keep hunting out scapes that have moved up the hill. It is not a huge problem in the biggest scheme of things, but I'm hoping we made a dent.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I must of heard ya or something ? Nice idea,,lol) and good plant for holding the hill in place..

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I am actually very fond of it, because it looks nice and green so much of the year. But it was creeping up the hill, and I didn't want it to overwhelm the perennials I am planting next to it....

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Sounds like a good plan!

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

It remains to be seen if it will work! I'm quite confident I didn't get all the roots of the ditch lilies out of the spot I didn't want them, so I'll be trying to dig those up when they show themselves in the spring. They are all dormant now.

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