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Caryphylliaceae: Could it be a sp. of Cerastium, Moehringia,

faicchio, Italy

Could this plant belong to one of the following genera: Moehringia; Minuartia; Moenchia, Sagina or Cerastium. I am having great difficulty identifying the genus. If a member could identify the genus, perhaps he could also give an ID to the species. Thank you.

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faicchio, Italy


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Delhi, India

Cerastium I think is out of contention. Although leaves in second photograph look like Cerastium, the petals are entire in all photographs, they should be bilobed in Cerastium. Except for third photograph (which seems to have been wrongly mixed up and belongs to Spergula I hope) the other photographs may belong to Moehringia bevarica, though number of styles and fruit needs to be checked.

faicchio, Italy

I have checked Moehringia bavarica but cannot be this as it is to be found only in the extreme north of Italy. Checking on the Italian site "Flora Italiana", the only plants similar that I could find on this site are Minuartia attica (Boiss) and Minuartia verna (L) Hiern. There is also the sp. mediterranea (Link) Maly

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