For the Holiday

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and the best of times for the New Year ! Yes this includes all of you!!!!lol

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Merry Christmas everyone.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Just thought I would add some snow pics:

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

more perhaps?

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

A few more

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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

WOW -- we still have no snow. I'd say if I added up all the "dustings" we've had since November... we may be at an inch.
I haven't even had to get a broom out, much less a snow shovel.

Nice pics! Hard to believe that central IN would have more snow than we folks up by the lake.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

YES IT IS!!? It snowing again here another 3 in, forecast for today !!! One snow last year, it waited "till" this year..

We can sure "DIG IT" this winter!!!LOL That is> if we don't "BLOW IT" first...

Too much caffeine?? ^_^^_^^_^

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

How about Before & After

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Cold as ice maybe?

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

OR perhaps a late Merry Christmas Tree!!?

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Or does it "have ya" ""stumped""????

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

After all like the farm animal said "That's all folks""" ^_^^_^^_^

Whoaaa - I think the snow has you giddy. :) A few flurries here today - we may get an inch. The most snow I've seen up here is near Benton Harbor, MI - driving through Sat evening was near white-out and couldn't see the lanes very well on I94. Once we got near the IN state line, it stopped. Did get the bird bath set up with the heater today since it's supposed to get a little colder. I did start some lettuce today in the GH under lights. I had fun with it last winter so thought I'd do it again. Those plastic salad containers from Olive Garden work well for that and I planted up 4 of them. Won't feed a crowd but enough for DH and I.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

By that time the lettuce is always appreciated ,, food from grocery is great but you do get a few benefits from your own efforts. March and a shade box when I start mine?
My impatience is back , I started a couple of Romanesco tomato plants , in and out of the garage and back and forth with a tray for months ,if they grow okay ...
I am going to see if I can convince Grandma to can and preserve some, not the same as fresh from the garden but I miss the flavors from the garden this time of year...( Lots of unsalted tomato juice?)
I have a few lettuce seeds and will probably get a few more, easy to grow but I am not good at space difficulties... (light minded sometimes ) and I have about all the seedling plants I can handle as it is ,,
I use to live right next to a Olive Garden years ago, Yummy food!!

And after all that it is good you did not have to deal with a lot of and ice during your visits, it makes traveling much nicer when the weathers calmer... As far as being giddy ,, yes snow ,zero positive atmosphere, humor with relatives, general mind of wanting , thinking too much, all combinations , can do that!!!! LOL Only a little Holiday fun,,to cheer up a ""gray"" day..

Yesterday was our only sunny day (should have known that would knock the Bears out of the playoffs!) and gray again today. I think it's supposed to be sunny but cold tomorrow and have no plans to go nowhere. Thinking of starting some winter sowing jugs while I have holiday "play time". Christmas week was crazy but so was this past month starting with T-day and all of the shopping and wrapping. Happy to have a few days with a diminished schedule.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Yes i saw where the Bears got bumped when Minnesota won ,,
BUT ,, family here The Colts are in.... yeah!!!!!
Couple of seedlings
PICS aren't good , these guys are small An ice water jug...

Thumbnail by juhur7

Are those the first sprouts of the new growing year or do you sow stuff year-round? Hoping to find a little time today to start my seed wish list and get some ordered. In your previous post, do you mean that you currently have tomato seedlings? Unless I'm growing mine under lights, they get a little leggy for me. DD and I did can some Michigan tomatoes this past season but I know crop yields weren't the best here locally and I never did get that great summer tomato flavor except for the few I grew. I was a little disappointed with 'Black Krim' - it seemed rather bland and mealy-textured but maybe it was our awful summer. What varieties did you grow and which ones did you really like? (Sorry - whole 'nother topic here.)

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

AS far as thread stray .no worry we can talk about new year plans , all the gardening is , These in the pics are new sprouts , a daylily in the water jug..
The tomato sprouts are under lights and yes from leggy , to watering, to sliding them in and out of the garage in a month?) gets to be a bit much , Some of them grow faster in a month than these do in three or four , lol just a hope that gets me motivated about spring.
whats coming back"Ester Hess TOMATO I like the ES nobody else here did so one comes back anyway
Broad Ripple currant Every one really liked these, couldn't keep them at all .and they grew really well in the hot ,dry weather.
Gardener's Delight Enough so to try again
Marglobe and rutgers both failed (only that's happened to me) You get mealy tomatoes when it is dry , tomatoes can take that , they just don't like long dry times. They will taste like they are half dried as a result of hot ,dry weather, it can be just as bad as fungus!!
A couple of mine went down from the same , fungus and hot dry weather I couldn't deal with both..

Melon: Moon&Stars got a couple little ones, others all failed

The greens ; white bunching onion
heirloom leeks
garlic red &white ,German red and California white
Dollar store leaf lettuce
Burpees leaf mix lettuce I am still looking for others to grow (not real thrilled with these, the taste okay to me though) I have grown iceberg ,buttercrunch a few similar ,But I don't like gardening outside when it's cold , required for lettuce.
And to you > what do you have returning that you liked..

I am doing the 'Tango' and 'Russian Red' leaf lettuces in the little GH. Otherwise, I don't do lettuce outdoors, especially if we have another super warm spring like last year. I did like the 'Marketmore 76' cucumbers so they're coming back. Also doing more peas (snow or sugar snap) but have to get some more seed so not sure what variety yet. I want more tomato 'Riesentraube' but will have to see how many seeds are left - it was a freebie from Baker Creek. DD said 'Wisconsin 55' did well for her this past year but I grew the disappointing 'Black Krim' since I only had space for 3 or 4. Maybe I'll try 'BK' again in case we have a better season but will look at other varieties too. Will scout around for better squash since I got no female flowers last summer. :( I also have to look for some alternative annual flower seeds. After having a few trees removed, impatiens aren't happy. Thinking snapdragons for sure but still going through catalogs.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I had snapdragons for a while ,they cooked out,Won't get through or done with half of what I have planned to do, always like that , My sister likes those precooked chicken or turkey dinners from the grocery so I started a little select and salad bowl lettuce in the container from one a while ago today , my tomato sprouted solid today, those have had a root sprouted from them since they touched the soil .poof and there was a root tip showing'
I will put Burpees super beefsteak out there someplace as well , a neighbor in the shade asked me to grow a few tomatoes for them and It worked out a week too late for them , close since I did not get them in until July.. Grew real fast with a little blossom end rot showing .
Since everyone liked the little yellow cherry tomatoes two or three of those will get grown. I have room for lots of tomatoes but by the time I try to look and cultivate unto 10 or 15 of them I run into trouble.
Going to try some red runner beans also Should be an interesting year, just have to keep everything slowed down mentally (gets difficult,,, When ""trying"".

As to annual type flowers I always seem to come back around to aster ,zinnia and small sunflower. Thet all do well here most of the time , even my cosmos looked terrible last year (cooked, burned, and fried)
Hoping and working and looking to find better "Luck"" this year..^_^

I grew a few zinnias for the first time last year and liked them. Cosmos never do well for me. I start them indoors and transplant but they always look spindly/scrawny with small blooms. Sunflowers - not enough room for them. I will look into asters. I have to get my head wrapped around stuff for sun because I've always been a shade gardener in the past. Begonias did okay in the sun last year so will probably buy those already grown when it's time.

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