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Twentynine Palms Bas, CA

I joined Dave's Garden last week hoping to motivate myself to do more with my garden and was completely surprised to find this forum. I spent the last hour reading and enjoying myself. I loved some of the things I saw posted.

I also do ceramics, low fire, mostly slip poured, but also some slab and drape work. I only do one show a year any more,The Joshua Tree National Park Art Festival, I have done this show since it started in 1992.

I am not very tec savy so until I can get my husband, son, or daughter to help there will not be any photos.

Finding this forum is going to infringe even more on the time I should be working on my garden (LOL)


Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

Welcome, what a stunning place to be in an art show. Hope we can see some of your work and garden. Patti

Stafford, VA(Zone 7a)

Ohhhh 29!!!!!
We were stationed there 1980-83! I LOVED it. You either love or hate it.. no in between! Welived on Fuller Street in Ocotillo Heights. From what I have been told there is all new housing there and a REAL Base Hospital!

Where do you live in 29? WHat is your name? Mine is Deb Barrett.

PLEASE post again!

Twentynine Palms Bas, CA

Nice to hear from you Deb and Patti,

I'm Margo, and you are right Deb, I live in Twentynine Palms,CA. For some reason the tag under author says "bas" but I don't live on Base. I live near the Drive-in and yes, it is still open four nights a week.
29 Palms and the Base have changed a lot since you were here.The Base has new housing,exchange,and commissary along with the new hospital.

My husband spent a lot of time TAD (temporary additional duty) here in 1962-64. We moved here in 1987. I worked in the ceramic shop on Base until it closed. I work for the school district now. After the ceramic shop closed I bought a kiln and kept on playing with clay. Speaking of which,I need to get off the computer and get busy pouring, only 5 more days until Winter Break is over.
Happy New Year to one and all,

Stafford, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi Margo!
Which school are you with? The Drive-In is still there? Is the little 29 Palms PLaza still there? There used to be a little mom-pop grocery store there that had teh best meats in town. Is Benton Bros store also still there?

There was a fairly well known potter/artist that lived in 29. HIs name was HOward Pierce. Did you ever see his work? I Have several of his pieces. I also took a few classes at College of the Desert and met a lady named MARY (Cannot remembe rher last name) but she was a potter and was doing some really beautiful work.

Are you a low fire or high fire potter? I have a small Olympic Kiln. I'd love to have a larger one someday!

I can't wait to see your work!

Herndon, VA(Zone 6b)

Welcome I hope to see pics of your work soon! :)
This place is just unreal, I think it is the single biggest collection of talents I have ever run across.
I'm sure you will love it!

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Welcome! We're delighted to have you join us!

Twentynine Palms Bas, CA


I just typed a reply to mommacat11. I hit back when previewing it and the whole thing was deleted!! Try this again.

The drive-in is still open 4 nights a week.
The Plaza was redevolped a couple of years ago.
The market is still there,under new owners and no longer sells meat
Benton Brothers closed a few years ago after a Walmart opened in Yucca Valley. The paint store and all but one each, auto parts and hardwear stores closed after a Home Depot opened in Yucca Valley. Most of the civilian shopping is in Yucca Valley now. In exchange, 29 Palms got several fast food places, tatoo shops, and massage parlors.

Howard Pierce passed away several years ago. Some of his pieces are very valuable now. He had a stroke a couple of years before he died and could no longer do pottery. He did not want his molds misused so he had a party and smashed his molds.

The Copper Mountain Campus of Collage of the Desert has become a seperate collage, Copper Mountain Collage.

I don't know Mary, but I know a Marian who took pottery classes there about that time. A tall, 5'10"-11" blond,late 30's, early 40's (at that time), who had (still has) horses. A very good artist who has worked in several mediums over the years.

. As for me I do low fire, 06 - 04, (Max 03). I have a Duncan Teacher kiln that I have used for about 20 years. I slip pour molds and also do some hand work. Most of my work has a southwest / desert theme. I use a lot of petroglyph images on my work. I like working with textured and metalic glazes, sometimes combining them on a piece.

To support my clay habit I work as an instructional assistant in Special Education at Twentynine Palms High School with children with mild to moderate learning disabilities. I work mostly in English classes. This is my 17th year at the high school.

Winter Break is over and I go back to work tomorrow. With only a few of the things done that I had planed to do.
Everyone have a safe week.

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