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Is this a pest or disease problem in Golden Shower trees?

Paget, Bermuda

Hi All,

We have a mature Golden Shower (Casia Fistula) tree and recently its bark has bark is exhibiting strange transition. As you could see the bark is slowly chipping off and falling to the ground. Is this a sign of some pest or disease problem? The tree top seems to be OK.

Please help solve this riddle.

Thank you in advance.

Thumbnail by Barka Thumbnail by Barka Thumbnail by Barka Thumbnail by Barka Thumbnail by Barka
Minot, ND

Looks like mechanical (physical) damage - not caused by insects or disease...

Paget, Bermuda

It is definitely not physical damage. We have been observing this tree for a while and it is in a well cared private garden.

Minot, ND

This still looks like physical removal of bark and not insect damage or disease. Something (or someone) appears to have been picking away at it...

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