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CLOSED: Please help us identify these bugs...

Los Angeles, CA

My wife and I recently moved from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA. Our furniture was in a public storage unit for about three months and we saw several bugs and cockroaches there when we went to pick up our items. Some unusual bugs crawled between a poster print and the glass frame (images without the nickel). They appeared to be dead so we didn't worry much about them but yesterday I found a large similar bug walking on the floor (two images by the nickel).

Could you help us identify these? We are concerned they might be bed bugs or something else harmful as we have a baby on the way.

Thank you!

Thumbnail by Marshall33 Thumbnail by Marshall33 Thumbnail by Marshall33 Thumbnail by Marshall33 Thumbnail by Marshall33
Minot, ND

Bristletails. primitive insects in the order Thysanura. These could be silverfish or firebrats, basically nuisance pests that do little real damage -

Los Angeles, CA

So you think they are all the same? Do you think they are native to Miami or Los Angeles, or both?

Minot, ND

Difficult to say with certainty that they all are the same; silverfish and firebrats occur nearly everywhere.

Los Angeles, CA


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