Back after a long break

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Well, all the momentum I had going last spring is back in hiding---I had foot surgery on my "pedal foot" in August, and wasn't able to throw. I did a little bit of extruding just before Christmas, but that was all. It took me one whole day to get my pug mill working properly again (note to self: run it every day, even if you're not doing any work!!)

Watched videos and You-Tube clips, but it's not the same! I pulled my pieces out of the local arts alliance because I didn't have any pieces I thought were good enough and the new manager was kind of insulting. So I won't be making money any time soon off my pottery this year. I'll have to cut more up than usual.

Yesterday I did a little throwing trying some of the new techniquest I learned on the videos. Most of them just confused me....LOL!

My goal for this year is to finally learn the throw and coil method to make larger pieces. I've tried it before and not been very successful, but I have some new coiling methods from one of the videos I got for Christmas that might be able to adapt for adding coils to the rims of my thrown pieces. I've had throw and coil on my "to do" list for years. I'll add it to my goals for spring semester again---glad to be going back to class the end of the month. I've missed my instructor and her insights, as well as the inspiration I get from other students' pieces.

Hope everyone else has a creative and inspired 2013!

Stafford, VA(Zone 7a)

Welcome BACK! We have all missed you. How is your foot doing now?
I seem to go like crazy then have long lapses. My instructor/mentor still wants me to submit a few more pieces that have been upgraded for her Board to look at.....when I look at the level of the artists there... I just cringe. She and I are the only potters and she is beyond fantabuous.

I am so glad you are back!!!!!!


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