First attempt

Rose City, TX

This is my first attempt at doing a mosaic.
My wifes father did a little before he passed away and thought it would be nice to give his granddaughters something made from their grandfathers stuff.
But for whatever reason it doesn't seem like I can upload an image to this site. Has anyone else had any problems with up loading jpg files to this site?

Newark, DE

I have never had a problem. My photos are in my computer so when I click the "choose a file" button I go to the picture I want, double click it and it loads. It can take a while to load it though. It is slower than other sites like Ebay or something. So if you get that far, just give it longer than usual.

Try again. I'd love to see your work. I have yet to do any mosaics myself but I want to. I am trying to read posts here and learn how.

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