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Please help me identify this plant!

Tabor City, NC

Please help me identify this plant!

Thumbnail by Rabifleck
San Francisco, CA

a "ginseng fig" - Ficus sp., but I have not been able to pin down which one.

Keaau, HI

Looks like Ficus benjamina, Weeping Fig.



San Francisco, CA

I disagree. This sp. is often sold as a bonsai, and it's distinct from F. benjamina. I've grown and sold this plant for more than a decade, and I still have. it been able to ascertain the proper name.

Keaau, HI

Hi Vestia, are you refering to Ficus microcarpa or Ficus retusa?



They look similar as well.

San Francisco, CA

Ficus botany is so messy...
I still refer to F. benjamina as such, since it is so well known by that name. Upon reflection, it seems that the "ginseng fig" could be a form of F. retusa (now microcarpa) I suppose.

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