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SOLVED: Help me identify the strangest plant ive ever seen

Bonita Springs, FL

Last week we discovered what looked like a snake egg that had opened and was empty half buried against our edging.Today in the the same place theres this wierd growth that appears to possibly be coming out of another buried egg type thing It looks like red coral. This plant is soft to the touch and has attracted flies and gnats. Im clueless as to what is growing out back. Any ideas????

Thumbnail by jeradandholly1
Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

A larger picture would help, but perhaps Corynaea sp.?

Bonita Springs, FL

try this pic

Thumbnail by jeradandholly1
Bonita Springs, FL

altagardener Thank You! Thats it 100%. what a resource this website is.

Municipality of Murr, PA

*smiles* Another one of our friends the Stink fungi! The flies and gnats are helping it to reproduce. They are non-poisonous and good decomposers of wood.

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