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Scarsdale, NY

Great new feature. Please suggest that photos start with a picture of the "over all" garden before the close-ups of blooms. I'd like to see the architecture of the garden before the plant material detail.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

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Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

An overall photo of an entire garden is a hard photo to make look decent for most people.
Maybe a small bed at a time would be possible. A lot of gardens are spread over a large seperate areas and that makes an overall shot impossible. Where such an overall view is possible that would be a nice idea. I think the idea of tagging the plants would really work well with an overall view of many plants if enough detail could be maintained to distinguish the plants.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Each member has the choice of which image they want for their 'Cover' image, so it is an option that is up to the individual gardener.

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I wish Garden Showcase were limited to shots of beds and whole gardens. I get overwhelmed with shots of individual flowers that look like a garden catalogue. They're beautiful, of course, but they don't show new things and ideas. Perhaps if we had both "Garden Showcase" and "Plant Showcase"? And someone trained us by moving fotos from one to another as appropriate?


Concord, CA(Zone 9b)

I agree, Rosebud and LAS14, though I can see it could be problematic for some. But for me, it's a lot more interesting to see the whole garden rather than just a gardener's "first baby" shots.

Saint Paul, MN

I love garden showcase--but I wish people would stick to gardens, both general shots of design and even individual plants, and not show photos of clouds and chipmunks and so forth.

Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

I think many people want this new Garden Showcase to be tailored to suit them, that's fine, but it would certainly limit the participation. I like the idea of letting people post the photos they see as being representative of their garden. I think the key to making both of these possible would rest in classifying the photos when entered. Photos of clouds and chipmunks could be classified as nature, whole gardens or complete bed photos as panorama, single plants or blooms as single plants, something along those lines. Don't know how much of that is possible with this search engine, but it would help to limit the time spent searching though so many photos, yet allow everyone to post what they like in their garden. Is such a thing possible? I think a lot of people see animals and nature as an integral part of their gardens, while others only see design and plants.

Saint Paul, MN

I think that's a great suggestion, Seedfork. It's possible for an individual to create more than one album, so maybe each person could have a separate nature, garden panorama, and/or single plants album, and then people could post what they wanted but as viewers we could select what we wanted to see.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

We're going to have some new search and sorting tools in the next release that will probably make it easier for everyone to find what they are most interested in. This release should come in the next couple of weeks.

Philadelphia, PA

I suggest that Garden Showcase lets each contributor be his/her own director in telling his/her own garden's story. Frankly, I can imagine great sequences where someone starts with an broad image that captures the character of a garden, then moving in to highlight a particular planting bed, then zooming in to view specific blossoms and/or foliage that contribute to it's beauty. So separating the images within an album into panoramas and detail shots might detract from understanding the gardener's intentions or his/her execution of a design concept.

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I think the forum "Garden Design" might address some of our yearnings. At least it's not loaded with shots of single flowers.

Saint Paul, MN

Here in Minnesota we are still buried under snow. It will take weeks for it to disappear. Meanwhile, I can't say how much I'm enjoying looking at pictures of beautiful gardens. Keep them coming!

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I restarted this sort of discussion in Dave's Garden.

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