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Aroids: whos going to grow amorph titanum this year?

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

January 29, 2013
3:38 PM

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i am so grateful to u all that got me hooked on amorphs.. lol yea..
grateful.. :)
i was thinking.. i should start a thread for this yr..or beyond.. of whos
growing to growing amorph titanum..
would love tons of pics,, good bad experiences.. what were using for
potting mix.. how big the corms started..or from seed..where u got them..
fertilizers..watering..light..heating..humidity.. the whole sha..bang...
what do ya all think...???

January 29, 2013
7:11 PM

Post #9402025

You could have at least put a more realistic title on the thread:

Confessions of a True Addict

Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

January 29, 2013
7:26 PM

Post #9402043

lol.. hi, my name is dave..and im an addict..
yeppers..guilty :)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

April 6, 2013
3:00 PM

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heres pic of small titanum .it came out of dormancy about
month and 1/2 ago.. it shot up nice last 2 weeks..
its only 8" tall.. corm size when i repotted it was just under 1"
this yr im making my own potting mix.. hopefully wont have problem
i had last yr with my biggest titanum corm.. sigh.. RIP...
hope to see more postings of u all's titanums..hint..hint..:)

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Provo, UT
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May 6, 2013
4:24 PM

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that titanum from previous pic is doing great !!! :)
also my larger corm will be comming this week from tindara
YEA !!!
i hope they put some up on ebay..
ya..go ahead tropic..say it.. yea.. im addicted..
i think im going to keep a amorph journal too..
??? anyone else keep a journal on how big corm is when
potted growing season went, vegy growth, girth of
petiole, potting mix used..etc..??
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

May 8, 2013
2:51 PM

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heres updated pics of that small titanum..
its now 19" (48cm) and fully branched out leaves..
i am liking the new potting mix im using..
70% .. pine bark fines
20% .. pumice larger chunks
10% .. peat moss
im going to use it on my bigger corm too..i have pot all set
corm is to be here mid next week..
YEA !!!

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

May 15, 2013
8:09 PM

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well i got my larger titanum corm today !!
yea !!
its 17# (7.7 kg), almost 12inches (30 cm) wide and
about 11 inches (28 cm) tall..
its just starting to come out of dormancy..has a few nice
thick white roots..
got it potted up a chore..:) of love...:)
im using my "new" potting mix .. 70% pine bark, 20% pumice
10% peat .. ive added zeolite, azomite,kelp meal,oyster shell
and gave a good dose of herbal fungicide.. not going to loose this
one !!!!!!!! :)
heres a couple pics.. will post more as petiole breaks potting mix..
and shoots up..

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

May 26, 2013
7:20 AM

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fun observation i had on my smaller titanum the other day..
i was watering/fertilizing.. and i saw this protusion out of one of the
drainage holes of pot..what was it??? a root.. this is like 7" (18cm) below
the top of corm.. thats one longgggggg root..:)
im anxious when it goes dormant and i unpot see how much growth the
corm put on this growing season.
the large corm petiole hasnt broke top of potting mix..yet.. i buried it with
8" ( 20 cm) of potting mix over the corm.. i think with a corm this size it will
need plenty of room for roots to develop..
growing season for me is just anxious to see how big these
"kids" get.. LOL
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

June 9, 2013
4:59 PM

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we are sure getting the heat..hit 93F (33.8C) today..suppose to hit
100 F (37.8 C) tomorrow..whew..
i had to move all my konjac,hewetti,titanum into total shade today..
i was planning to..but not till end of june.. its only 1st week of june..
wonder if were gonna have a monster hot summer this yr???
i see the NOAA is forcasting well above temps for center of USA..
utah on edge of it..but above temps is the "prediction forcast"..
my largest titanums are going good.. nice petioles showing above the
potting mix.. YEA !!!
i'll take pics and post soon..
hope others will post pics of titanums.. hint..hint.. :)

June 9, 2013
6:15 PM

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The titanum I repotted still hasn't surfaced. I sent down an exploratory team to investigate. It appears the tuber is sprouting but still very short. Couldn't risk going under the tuber to check that other growth.

It's been windy again the past couple of days. The titanums aren't liking it. The shade cloth isn't heavy enough and the Poinciana tree it's under is losing its leaves fast. With the hot dry wind and the sun coming through too strong the leaflets are wilting each day but still hanging in. I'm going to have to start looking for another solution.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

June 11, 2013
5:49 AM

Post #9554626 sure u will come up with good solution to your wind and
protection for your titanums..:)
i hear ya on being anxious to know whats going on under the potting mix..
lol.. until we see the petiole show its head..always wondering..??? is it rotting,
still dormant.. growing..??
no strong winds much situation is strong hot direct sun..
luckily neighbours have a big pine tree that gives afternoon shade to small part of
my thats where my amorphs are going to be spending the summer...
actually thinking of getting something that is strong..and could elevate the pots even
just an inch (couple cm) above the ground..for pots to have even better drainage..
not sure i really do need it..with new potting mix im using..
just always thinkin of "wonder if..." :)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

June 15, 2013
2:51 PM

Post #9560150

hope u all are doing good out there.. guess in southern hemisphere going into..
autumn.. here full on summer.. yea!!! for me..LOL :)
?? question..a good/new friend and new to having slow response
to his titanum corm comming out of dormancy..
he got it from ..what i best source of titanums here..(tindara)
i told very "new" expreriences with titanums as with ive found with
all amorphs.and especially the "tropicals" is they will come out of dormancy
when they are good and ready.. :)
my 3 largest.. 17#,12#,and 6# are just popping there petiole heads out of
top of potting mix..
my friend is in mid south..and is keeping his corm in a greenhouse.. nites
are 70F ( 21 C) which seems good to me..
so..anyone else experiencing there titanums..or any of there amorphs
slow to growth???
much thanks...

June 15, 2013
4:02 PM

Post #9560201

With 21C in a greenhouse the titanums should be okay to come up. But remember, they're equatorial, no summer/winter varaition as such. Technically 2 wet seasons, although you could say it rains right through. So their cycle isn't geared up to your summers and winters. They're probably going to respond to the time interval since last growing. Tindara would have them in an artificially heated environment. Their plants are probably on all different cycles. Can't explain why my little ones keep going right through, one of them having grown constantly for about 3 years now with up to 3 petioles at the one time. It definitely seems keen to grow bigger.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

June 15, 2013
4:41 PM

Post #9560222

good info tropic!!! as always.. :)
im finding that is so true with corms i get from tindara..
ive bought some late spring (my spring) may.. and ive gotten
one in late summer (my summer) august..
as u said.. because they are greenhouse grown..the corms have
developed there own cycles of growth and dormancy..
my small titanum in earlier pic.. has been in almost constant growth..
i think it had a dormancy of maybe a month..if that..and pop..out came
another petiole..
i think having to adapt to what the particular titanums culture is.. dormancy/
vegy growth/hopefully one day FLOWERING !!! :) is what makes it facinating
for me..
its many ways.. especially when they get huge.. but also..
when ya see a healthy,agressive vegy growth.. i can know.. i had a hand in
that.. :)
still hoping to get a descus-salvae, and gigas.. making some good friends
over on IAS.. so..hopefully !!!
tropic??? u have any gators make all those ponds u put in... there home???
if so.. be careful man...

June 15, 2013
5:54 PM

Post #9560301

By the way, winter starts here 1st of June. Autumn starts 1st of March, spring 1st of September and summer 1st of December.

So far my larger ponds/waterholes dry up in the dry season. Crocs know that's not a time to stay around. But when I start making them permanent they will be fenced in.

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

June 15, 2013
6:46 PM

Post #9560366

if i ever move to australia..would take getting use to flip of seasons..
good to hear youre watchin out for danger tropic!!!!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

July 27, 2013
10:45 AM

Post #9613399

well the small titanum leaf shriveled..and unpotting it..theres it is..another
sprout already comming up..
?? said you had a smaller titanum that was the"little engine that could" too??
stayed in vegetative growth for along time..without much or any dormancy between
old/new petiole??
looks like thats what this one is doing.. good by me..hope the corm puts on some
nice size again !
heres couple pics of my everrrrrrr so..slooooowwwww growing titanums..
lol.. in the last 8 days or so..they have come more to life..
odd..the taller 2nd one planted..almost a month later..?? go figure..
short the 17# ( 7.7 kg), the taller petiole started at 12 # ( 5.4 kg) as of today..its 21" ( 53 cm ) tall..
both corms have really extensive root growth and i guess everything is good..
i'll be overwintering them in the house for sure.. i'll have to haul them in early sept..
nites will be to cool for them..
the fully leafed out amorh is a big konjac..

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July 27, 2013
8:51 PM

Post #9613931

We're on the other side of mid winter, and come August it should stay consistently warmer. The last couple of mornings we had what I call our freezes, got down to 11.5C. Going up now so hope that's it for the year.

The titanum that's never gone dormant (always had one or two new leaves fully open before the oldest withered) is still going with only one leaf now. It was sitting in the biggest titanum's pot and because I couldn't repot (because it's constantly growing) I cut part of the pot away and filled over with new soil. When the old large titanum finally withered I took out the tuber and filled in with new soil. So now the young one has the whole pot to itself.

The seedling that did go dormant is getting ready to unfurl its leaflets. It's much smaller than the seedling that has never gone dormant. But it has new soil so should go well.

The old larger tuber is sitting in a box. Got a new pot and set it up with soil and now letting the soil settle in. Tomorrow I hope to put fungicide through it, and a few days later replant the large tuber. It's not showing any sign of emerging, apart from a small stub at the top of the tuber. But it's better off in the pot. It's always been an end of November/early December starter.

They're all in the new location, shade from tree canopy, up against a tough species of bamboo, and sheltered from wind by lots of trees and other plants.

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 1, 2013
7:10 PM

Post #9618901

has anyone else noticed that some college/unis greenhouses have
flowering titanums in what i think of as... "not so big pots:"???
another one is blooming in WI ..and is getting the publicity..which i think
is very cool!!!...
but looking at the pot they have it looks like around 24" wide pot..
and to me..for a flowering titanum corm.. around 6 yrs old..and probably
around 50 lbs.. guessing..thats probably around 16 " wide corm..
so.. seems to me ..if it is how im perceiving the a 24" pot.. thats not
alot of room for the corm... am i nuts????
my understanding with titanums.. they like lots of room..for their root system
to spread out..????
what do u all think?????
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 7, 2013
3:52 PM

Post #9624304

heres pic of most leafed out large titanum..
it was 12 pounds ( 5.4 kg) when i potted it up..
its 50 inches tall so far ( 127 cm) im thinking from past experience
that it could put on another 6-10 inches before its done..then the leaves
will spread out..and drop a bit in height..
its 5.5 inches ( 14 cm) in girth at the base of the petiole..
the larger..and definately more stuborn comming along..
just at its own sweet time..LOL... :)

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Mulberry, FL

August 12, 2013
11:49 AM

Post #9628548

I have been watching these proably too hot here to grow 30 dollars for a seed turns me off too. I will enjoy watching yours thanks for posting the pic's!!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 12, 2013
5:06 PM

Post #9628877

i dont know dana.. u r just east of tampa.. mid florida.. i would think you would
do well with amorphs there...
certainly you would have the humidity i dont have..sigh..
and a longer growing season for them outside.. probably would only have to make
a cover for protection from a winter frost..
?? what tropicals do you grow there???
Mulberry, FL

August 12, 2013
6:52 PM

Post #9628997

I have the yams foot they grow well here konjac and giraffes knees few others I leave them in the ground all year round. I just can't bring my self to pay that much . I grow different bananas too won't pay 100 bucks for a varigated either lol

August 12, 2013
7:19 PM

Post #9629028

$30 a seed! Are they really that expensive now. When I got mine a few years ago it wasn't anywhere near that much. Looks like I'm going to have to get the prodding stick into mine and get them flowering and producing seeds ASAP. I might get to paying off my mortgage in my life time yet, LOL.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 12, 2013
7:48 PM

Post #9629079

only seeds i ever see for sale are on ebay..from guy in poland..
seeds go for around.. $30..and $38 for sprouted ones..
he gets this too..ya..tropic..u start selling those titanum seeds..and you'll be
buying more land.. :)
Mulberry, FL

August 12, 2013
8:14 PM

Post #9629104

thats right there some one in vermont selling corms pretty reasonable

August 12, 2013
8:18 PM

Post #9629109

I guess in Poland he'd have his work cut out getting titanums flowering and seeding. Unless he has suppliers in Sumatra (or selewhere in Indonesia) sending them to him. Tindara in the US used to sell them. Have they stopped?
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 13, 2013
4:06 PM

Post #9629893

hey tropic !!
dont know the details of why tindara isnt selling amorphs anymore..and the brother
in law is..
it was lou that has the greenhouses and started with the amorphs in the 1st i understand
it.. and he is the one selling on ebay this summer..
i got a couple more from him.. like i really need more titanums.. LOL :)
there is a guy in germany that sells small corms.. titanums,hewittii,gigas,and i
understand.. i think he does leaf cuttings..but i could be wrong on that part..
ive gotten to know him some from really good guy..
he wont have anything for sale until fall.. he deals only in small big plants.. i dont think he
has the room..
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 17, 2013
8:02 AM

Post #9633242

ya just have to love these plants dont ya...
i am always amazed at the speed of growth titanums have..
once they get going..
the 12# titanum is now 68 inches (173 cm) tall and the petiole is
just over 6 inches (15 cm) wide at the base..
not sure it will put on much more height..before the leaves open up..and it drops
a bit in height..
heres a couple pics..
the bigger corm .. 17 pounds.. "mr slow" is slowwwwwlllly comming alive.. its now
28 inches (71 cm) tall.. sigh.. snorrrrrr.. LOL

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Mulberry, FL

August 17, 2013
8:54 AM

Post #9633275

elephant foot yam its over 6 ft and trunk is as fat as around the top of my arm I leave them in the ground

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 17, 2013
10:24 AM

Post #9633326

dana.. very cool !!!
here in utah i wouldnt dare try leaving any tropical in the ground..
lucky u !!!! :)
you probably will get some nice side corms off that konjac !!!
ya !! more plants ...
Mulberry, FL

August 17, 2013
12:30 PM

Post #9633420

nope not Konjac its elephants foot yam it makes a very big cool mushroom I grew mine from seed they are maybe 3 years old
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 17, 2013
1:10 PM

Post #9633455

just checked it out.. got ya.. its actually amorphophallus paeonofolius..
i have a im hoping will put on some size this growing season..
i have noticed the biggest one has sort of shrunk in height the last couple
weeks.. im hoping that its putting all that energy back into the corm..

August 17, 2013
8:59 PM

Post #9633869

That's not a "mushroom" that grows from the A. paeoniifolius tuber. It's the usual aroid spathe and spadix, just that the spadix is a bit different shaped to most other aroids.
Mulberry, FL

August 18, 2013
5:31 AM

Post #9633988

well if I had to describe thats what I call it looks like one lol

August 18, 2013
10:19 PM

Post #9634777

I guess mushrooms/toadstools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This is a photo of one of my A. paeoniifolius flowering.

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Mulberry, FL

August 19, 2013
4:22 AM

Post #9634876

wow isn't that neat how old are they when they flower
York, SC
(Zone 8a)

August 19, 2013
6:43 AM

Post #9634950

HI Dave,
The titanum is doing great, and the automatic watering system worked like a charm while we were gone for 9 days. It's 11 ft tall (from the bottom of the pot), bumping up against the ceiling of the garage, with parts of the leaf (petiole?) hanging over the rails for the garage door (see the pic with my daughter standing next to it). I still have the plant light sitting on the edge of the pot facing up since there is no room above the plant, and it seems to be working.
I'm starting to think about dormancy and next year. Has anyone trying cutting back on the watering to induce dormancy? It would be much easier if it was dormant over our coldest months, as I'm thinking I could heat the garage so it was a minimum of 65-70 degrees, rather than 80-85. With respect to repotting, Tindara said the bulb could double or triple in size in a year (I should be so lucky, growing it in a garage!), and they also recommended 6-8" between the bulb and the side of the pot. That's going to be one big pot!

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 19, 2013
7:12 AM

Post #9634975

hey steve !!! great to hear from you..
and way to go on that vegetative growth !!!
you said your corm was around 20# when u potted it up??
from my very limited experience with titanums..tropic in darwin australia knows more..
but from my experience..only going on 3rd yr now.. is these plants will do what they want
when they want.. sigh..:)
i had same thinking as you.." what can i do to induce dormancy in dec-march.."
i dont think its possible..sigh..:(
i know lou where u bought the corm from..he is very helpful and open to culture talk..
and the guy has grown 1000s of titanums..
also over on IAS (international aroid society) there are some good people there.. takes time
to get there attention..but especially in germany..there are some pretty serious amorph growers..
what im planning to do.. is when my largest titanums are there..probably 2 growing seasons out
so somewhere in 2015.. im going to have to put up a tall greenhouse.
one reason im sure not so many gardeneres non tropical areas.. dont get to deep into
the "tropical" amorphs.. titanum,gigas,hewiittii, descus-salvae.. is the mature size of the
vegetative growth.. titanum can be as tall as 18 ft ..i bet lou has some taller..
just a thought steve.. where your at..not real cold in winter.. maybe you could put up a semi perminant greenhouse when your monster is in leaf..
move it only when dormant..
and potting.. with size youre at now.. you are going to need a bigger pot.. ive done my google searching.. what im going to go into are huge fabric pots.. there are BIG pots out there..and they
are PRICEY !!!
and ya..if you grow it well.. if you did start with a 20# corrm.. you could easily have a 50 # one
at end of this growth season.. when its done..
keep us posted steve...
?? is that your daughter??? what does she think of dads monster plant???? :)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 19, 2013
2:46 PM

Post #9635424

yes.. i yet again got another titanum.. name is dave..and i have a problem collecting
this one is 9 pounds, just under 9 inches wide..
i especially like the root growth..and alot of hair roots too..
i sprayed it with bio fungicide..then planted it up today..
mmm.. i wonder if im done for the yr.. lol

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August 19, 2013
5:30 PM

Post #9635569

You don't have a problem collecting amorphophallus, you seem to be doing that quite easily. What you do have a problem with is knowing when to stop, LOL. I can see them placing a court order on you soon to go into rehab.
Mulberry, FL

August 19, 2013
6:31 PM

Post #9635638

I won't mind buying a few titanum seed even but 40 dollars for a seed not going to happen
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 19, 2013
6:54 PM

Post #9635672

lol tropic..yea.. i think when the mail gal asks how many tropical plant i have..
mmm maybe i do have a problem.. :)
do they have amorphophallus in rehab??? :)
i am going to try leaf cuttings soon.. one titanum is leafing out nice
now.. other has leaves just emerging..
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 24, 2013
10:13 AM

Post #9640059

well "mr slow" titanum is finally gettin the go on !!
snore.. :) im learning..these plants come out of dormancy when they
want.. and they put on the growth ..when they are good and ready..
of course..they need our loving care to give them what they need to
do well...
as of today.."mr slow" is 47 inches (119 cm) tall. above the pot..
it will probably put on another 6+ inches of height before the leaves
unfurl..and spread out..and drop some..
the outdoor "tropical" amorphs probably have maybe another
3 weeks of outdoor living..before nite temps get into low 60sF
and i dont think they will like that..
??? u all think so too????

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Broward Estates, FL

August 26, 2013
10:03 PM

Post #9642464

It's been pretty fascinating reading all of your posts. Sort of on a whim I purchased a 4# A. titanum on Ebay recently, as well as several A. konjac. I'm still waiting for them to arrive. Once I'd actually paid for them I realized that I knew next to nothing about growing them. LOL.

I'm wondering if an orchid mix would be suitable for the amorphophalli as they appear to require good drainage. Also curious if soil sterilization is as important as I have read on certain sites.

As I'm here in southern Florida, I'm wondering if it is "safe" to plant them in the ground or if I'd be better advised to pot them. My gut is telling me that the konjacs may be fine in the ground, but that I should perhaps raise the titanum in a pot.

Any advice you guys can give this budding plant nut would be appreciated. I have a large yard and have been going pretty hog wild collecting plants that I acquire at the Fairchild Botanical Garden and elsewhere. A pricey habit, but a fascinating (and often rewarding) one.

Thanks for reading.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 27, 2013
1:59 PM

Post #9643072

these facinating amorphs are facinating plants.. :)
this is just my 3rd i consider myself a "newbie" ..:)
you are fortunate to live so south ..and southern florida too..
i would think konjac would be fine planting in ground where you're at..
im thinking the soil where u r at is pretty compact clay/coral..??
if so..u will need to dig in some ammendment to make sure for good drainage
around the corm they dont sit in to much water..
titanum. even those living in "tropical" areas.. darwin australia.. tropic is there..
plant there titanums in pots..
even though where youre at.."subtropical".. you do have some chilly and on..
i know lari ann miami area..she puts here tender alocasias under a "greenhouse'
for extra protection from those rare..but happening chilly nites/early mornings..
seems many people use various potting mix for titanum..
winniorchids/tindara.. they use commercial mix..and they are very successful growing titanums
i am sold ..for my purposes.. using 80% pine bark.. 20% pumice.. with added nutrients..
all my amorphs are doing great in that mix.. i do water more often..but no issues with drainage..
and the plants are getting the needed nutrients for vegetative growth..
hope you take pics..and post them...theres so much to learn from each other..
good luck !!!!!
Broward Estates, FL

August 28, 2013
11:13 PM

Post #9644440

tropicalnut, thanks for your response. I received my A. konjacs today. Will likely find a spot for them in the garden tomorrow. Once the A. titanium arrives I'll decide what size pot it should have. I really am looking forward to this (with fingers crossed).
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

September 9, 2013
2:12 PM

Post #9655374

summer is starting to wind down here..
sigh..means all those "tropical" amorphs get to come inside..
oh boy.LOL
"mr slow" titanum has now surpassed the faster growing one now..
"mr slow" is 87 inches (220 cm) tall ..above the pot..
the petiole girth isnt as big in diameter as other larger titanum..but i noticed
a fair amount of the girth growth with other titanum came after the plant achieved
its full height..??? dont know if thats significant..
we had a MONSTER storm here last sat.. 2 tornadoes, very high winds..some
hurricane like rain.. not typical utah weather..any time of yr..
wind actually blew over the 2nd largest titanum.. i bet that babi weighs over 200#
plant is fine.. sigh..:)
made me think of your weather tropic..u get down under..when you get those monster
tropical storms.. only on a much smaller scale..of course..
still have ceiling room for the titanums..this yr.. LOL
of course the 87 in tall one..will loose some of that height in next couple weeks..when
leaves fill out and spread..
i did take a small peak at the roots of titanum that blew over.. a TON of roots..everywhere
YEA !!! that has to be a good sign..
im liking this new potting mix im using ..more and more..
also..i think using a biological fungicide , humic/fulvic acid,and kelp powder
have helped too..
thanks to tropic for putting me on to using a fungicide.. hopefully that will prevent any
rot in the corms...
i'll get a pic of "mr slow" next couple days..
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

September 15, 2013
11:47 AM

Post #9660572

well heres couple pics of "mr slow"
certainly came
temps here are dipping into mid/low 60sF so..the tropical
amorphs will be comming in.. probably this week..
oh boy.. cant wait..LOL

Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   Thumbnail by tropicalnut777         
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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

November 17, 2013
8:28 AM

Post #9710998

were solid in winter here now..sigh.. :( but my titanums are doing good..
one ..i would call a small/medium corm..5 # has put up a monster petiole..
??? its the tallest so far..the unfurled leaves hit the ceiling and now are just
starting to unfurl.. if it had the ceiling height would have been over
9ft'll be over 8ft when it finishes out spreading out..???its only a 5 # corm???
hey to all of u...??? how long do u find the duration of vegetative growth?? not for
small corms..but 7+# corms??? i have one the 12# corm that is going on 8 months..
the leaves got beat up from a late summer storm..we had powerful winds..actually
topped the pot over ..didnt seem to hurt any growth though..leaves did get a
bit shredded..but..its going good.. was thinking it might start dormancy early spring
2014..putting it just under a yr growth.. ??? thoughts???
i know these plants beat to there own drummer.. which i find the
one that has to adjust..:) LOL
ive been giving the full stage vegy growth plants a good dose of P every other
fertilizing..otherwise i give 20:20:20 fertilizer..along with fungicide,kelp,amino acids.
hope alls well with u alls plants...
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

December 30, 2013
8:22 AM

Post #9736859

wow..its been over a month and no one posting on our obsession..titanums..
lol ;)
how are all u all's titanums doing???
i have 1 larger one..i think its the 12# starting its dormancy.. petiole is starting
to shrink..leaves are ok..but some drying up..
other large ones going strong..
1 of the small corms..2" diameter.. is comming out of dormancy..i checked before
christmas.. has a nice white shoot potting up.. YEA !!
small hewetti around 2" still dormant.. larger hewettii corm in growth now..
(was around 5 " diameter) is starting to look like waining..hopefully just starting dormancy.. its
been in vegetative growth since may 2013..
i backed off watering some since all plants are in house now.. potting mix is on slightly drier
side..hopefully hasnt adversely harmed corm/roots.. plants look
best wishes into new year to all !!!!!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

January 29, 2014
5:10 PM

Post #9758404 year..and i cant believe jan is almost over.. glad though !!!!!!!!!!
bring on the warmer weather!!!!!! :)
well the one titanum petiole remains finally sluffed off.. so i got to open my
christmas present !! :)
just a kid arent i..:)
heres a couple pics..
i cant remember what size this corm was originally.. i thought it was the
17# one..but its not.. im thinking it was around 7#..but i have 9 titanums now.and
i didnt mark anything down.. im a BAD scientist!!!
one thing i was amazed by are the massive roots on the corm..
?? is this typical of a corm going out of growth into dormancy??
i dusted the corm with cinnamon (just in case of any fungal growths..)
i'll pot it up again this weekend.. im keeping it semi moist in moisted peat moss.
i am going to put it in a larger pot.. i was going to put in in a 80 gal pot i ordered..but
i think im overkilling..and would kill my back..LOL so its going in a 45 gal pot..
its 31" hopefully good room for root growth..and "hopefully" corm growth!!!
this corm looks bigger than it really is..the roots are so massive.. the corm
is just under 9 inches wide..

Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   Thumbnail by tropicalnut777         
Click an image for an enlarged view.

Virginia Beach, VA

January 30, 2014
4:24 AM

Post #9758621

How do you get motivated with this weather . We are covered with snow!!

Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

January 30, 2014
3:26 PM

Post #9759033

i bet u know the answer to that belle...:)
we all find our ways to get gardening..even if the weather isnt cooperating..
lol weve had a couple rainy/wet snow days .. welcome the moisture for sure..
its been a pretty dry winter here..we had snow in nov..then nothin..
i also have a hewettii to unpot soon..the petiole has slumped over now..
hope it put on some size!!! :)
it just like christmas..get to see how the plant did..or how well i grew it..
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

February 15, 2014
7:55 AM

Post #9769639

potted up the hewettii, will get the titanum potted today or tomorrow..
interestingly.. my largest titanum corm (last yr) and potted up 1st..somewhere
early going strong..and showing no sign of wanting to go into dormancy..
whew..i didnt kill it..sigh..
im anxious to see how big the corm is..i do think i wont get the kind of corm growth
results that those of you that grow titanum in greenhouse..or tropical climates..
i do hope that i can keep these wonderful plants going..and MAYBE!!! get some to
bloom one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
i know theres been discussion on what size titanum corms need to be to flower..
ive read (real examples..not just talk) of titanums flowering as small as 30#..and then
needing to be much larger... will be interesting to see how big my largest corms
got this last grow season..
??? how are all others titanums doing?????
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

April 14, 2014
9:59 AM

Post #9812390

titanum in last now sending up a petiole..
seems fast to me..???
largest titanums.. 1 is slowwwwwlllllyyyyy going dormant..LOL
i think i should be glad.. :) i am anxious to see the corm..
other large titanum.. going like crazy.. no leaf drying or any signs of
wanting to rest..
3 of the other titanums..that went dormant late last fall (odd seems to me??)
and just sitting there.. corms are nice and firm.. small white petiole showing..
but no significant growth of petiole for months..
these plants truely do grow to the beat of there own drummer..
surely makes them interesting.. :)
??? hows everyone elses doing??????

April 14, 2014
11:02 AM

Post #9812446

My largest is still dormant, about 6 months so far, usually starts again about September. One of the smaller ones went dormant a couple of months back, first time since it was a seed. It had been going constantly with sometimes 2 or 3 petioles at the same time. The other small one is still going, probably not too long before it goes into extended dormancy. Seems as they get older they need more sleep (long "nanny naps"?).

The older leaf cutting finally withered without producing any sort of tuber, the younger leaf cutting is still going but slightly yellowed. Seeing it's been going about 3 months I'm more confident it'll eventually produce a tuber. Here's hoping anyway.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

April 22, 2014
7:26 PM

Post #9819291

if anyone is interested..on ebay..theres a 35# corm up for sale..
out of calif.. if i was out hooked..LOL at 11 titanums..i think im good..with that species..:)
just got 2 gigas out of germany..both are leafing..
hope to get a couple more gigas..and same with descus-silvae.. that one
is still eluding me.. hopefully this yr...
titanum in previous sending up petiole.. white is about an inch tall now..
it sure didnt stay dormant long..
tropic.. with multiple petioles on 1 corm.. do u think it helps build the corm more..
than with just 1 petiole???
i know that is more common on smaller corms.. not sure ive seen multiple petioles on
larger (30#+) corms.. i know lou ..winniorchids..(new hampshire) gets multiple flowers
on same corm.. thats very cool !!!!!!
i also see at muttart conservatory.they have time lapse video of there biggie that
bloomed last yr..its online now.. i think theres was around 220# when they planted it
summer 2013..

April 24, 2014
6:45 PM

Post #9820811

I found that the plants with the multiple petioles didn't really seem to get that much bigger real fast. It surprised me. But I've been very slack with fertilising as well, so maybe that was a big part of the equation.

Only have one of the small ones active now. Before this current leaf it had a short dormancy of about a month or so. The other small one went dormant for the first time a couple of months back, and the large one is still dormant, from about last November or so.

Checked the pots a while back. Heavy rain had been getting into the pots more than I'd thought. When I dug down the soil was all soggy. Dug out the tuber and checked it, no sign of any rot. So I left it out to dry a bit. Put some more drier material in the pot to absorb some of the moisture plus some slow release fertiliser.

The leaf cutting is still going, though a definite yellow shade of green. But it's still there so it should be producing some sort of a tuber. I won't try it again during the dry season, but next wet I'll do a lot more.

No sign of growth on the larger tuber. The smaller (dormant) one has a short sprout so maybe it'll be coming out of dormancy soon. I've got a better cover over the pots but rains have pretty well ended. There's a cyclone brewing up off the north coast which could bring us a lot of rain but it's increasingly looking less likely. So looks like a long dry season, up to October.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

April 24, 2014
6:56 PM

Post #9820825

ive been ready tropic about the drought in queensland.. i know thats to the
east of you.. ?? one of the worst droughts ever i guess?? :(
weather has been very irratic all over the globe..
i have some amorph enthusiasts in germany,holland.. they mostly grow there
amorphs inside of course.. but N. europe has had some very extreme weather..
cold..and ALOT of rain/snow.. then siberia had one of its warmest winters ever..
?? go figure..
here in utah..central.. weve had a moderately dry winter.. still snow in mountains..
but its melting pretty fast.. :(
i think i need to bump up my fertilizing program on my tropicals too..
i do like the use of the endo/ecto mychorrhiza ive been using as a biological
i didnt loose any titanums this winter.. yet..LOL :)
i see foster botanical gardens has a titanum in bloom now..
hope ya dont get to strong a storm tropic !!!
darwin is pretty low elevation..isnt it???
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

May 5, 2014
3:49 PM

Post #9830787

the titanums,and hewettii are all waking up.. AHHHHHH
lol.. would be nice for some spacing out of vegetative growth..
well i do still have 2 of the larger titanums that are still in veg growth
from last summer.. so they are near 12 months in leaf..
1 larger titanum has been showing signs of leaf drying out,but the petiole
is still st8 and solid..its been this way for almost 2 months.. hopefully its
putting all the fertilizer/nutrients into the corm growth..
other larger titanum..going sign of wanting to sleep..
temps here are warming up.. some really nice days..near 80F..nites high 50sF
hopefully in couple weeks nites are warm enough to put titanums outside..
i think there will be some hewettii,and gigas showing up on ebay
hopefully add a couple each to the other "tropical" amorph collection..
still on lookout for descus-silvae though..sigh...

May 7, 2014
11:07 AM

Post #9832338

Dave, I came across an interesting (for you I hope) post about "Flex Watt Heat Tape". It was about growing palm trees, but the point being made was that air temp was less of a problem than soil temp. You might want to follow it up (if you haven't already). This is part of the calculations he made:

"Here's a quick energy calculation for a 24" box size in the ground. The rating is 20 Watts per foot for 11 inches, and assuming you really only need to heat an 11" buried cross section, you need about 8 feet, or 160 watts. Running that for about 10 hours per day (might even be too long) on average from Thanksgiving through March first, about 100 days would be 1,000 hours x 160 watts or 160 kwh. Those cost on average about 20 cent/kwh, so it would cost no more than $32 for the year. That's not bad.

Additional savings can be had by using foam insulation in the ground on the sides so that you limit the area that is heated. You could place insulation on top as well to reduce radiative losses. Could be fun to try this out.

Next question is, what species to try this out with."
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

May 7, 2014
5:17 PM

Post #9832589

much thanks my good man!!! i'll do some surfing for
"flex watt heat tape"..
ive read by much more experienced growers than me.. one who posts
here some..lari ann gardiner..big time aroid grower/ florida..
ive chatted with her some on my situation..utah..and growing tropicals..and not
in a greenhouse..
one thing i got from her was same as your comment on soil temp/air temp..
of course our beloved plants..amophophallus..and other aroids.. couldnt survive
"cold" air temps..but one thing they definately benifit from is "warmer" soil temps..
i know one major contributor to my killing my large titanum 2 yrs ago..was i cooked
it..sigh.. i was trying to keep the potting mix temp in the 80sF.. WAY TO HOT !!
this yr i was fairly successful with heat mats and thermostats..
i am always on outlook for better/cheaper/more affective heating of my potted amorphs
during our winter (end of oct- april).. if i came up with a somewhat simple heating of
pots outside..i could extend time plants could stay outside too..
id like to do same for my flower beds outside where i plant,aroids,bananas,and somewhat unsucessfully (so far) gingers..that is heating the soil.. im pretty sure i could with heavy duty
heat cables hooked up to thermostats.. keep settings around 80F so even with heat loss..the
soil would stay maybe in low 70sF..
lol..what we do for our
much thanks tropic!!! if ya run into any more ideas im very open to them...
much thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

May 19, 2014
4:26 AM

Post #9842844

My dormant "seedling" titanum has broken ground. Don't know whether it realises it's the dry season (winter) yet. Will be interesting to see whether it produces multiple leaves like before, or just follows the dormancy pattern of the older plant. The other "seedling" that was still growing still isn't going into dormancy. But its leaf is showing a bit of yellowing.

The leaf cutting is also still goingl, although it doesn't look at all that good. But it's still hanging in there and must be pumping a whole lot of nutrients into that little tuber. When the newly emerging one spreads its leaflets out I'll take a couple of cuttings from it as well. Now that one leaflet has produced a tuber I'm going to go into mass production.

Thumbnail by tropicbreeze
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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

May 19, 2014
3:31 PM

Post #9843456

very cool tropic .. i think these plants follow the beat of their own drummer..
i know my "tropic" amorphs sure do..
one of my smaller hewettii has gone thru vegetative growth 3 times in less than
10 months?? whats up.. LOL
the last petioles (there were 2) ..not uncommon with smaller corms(immature)..
both leaves went maybe 4 months..maybe.. 1 wilted couple weeks ago..last one..last i unpotted check the corm.. go figure.. there are 2 nice sized ( 2 inch..5cm)
in the thats new for me..??? not complaining.. lol
both side by side..not the old corm..and new formed one.. and now just noticed
a new petiole up on one of the corms..
one of the medium sized titanums is active alive.. it went dormant early spring ..repotted it..
now its shooting out nice roots..and the petiole has put on couple inches in last couple weeks
the other 2 larger titanums.. sloooooowwwwww.. LOL they both look great.. leaves on 1 are still
sort of yellowing though.. the other..leaves nice green colour..but petiole is leaning..
its firm..and ive checked make sure im not watering to much..and its draining
they follow beat of their own drummer.. :)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

June 19, 2014
5:21 PM

Post #9872284

smaller titanums are breaking potting mix..outside..once nites stay
in mid sure they will shoot up fast..
thats what happened last yr..
i was amazed at how fast the petioles ..even on the largest titanums...
grew.. i am keeping them in a bit less light than last yr..
they get all sun up to noonish..then some shade..then full afternoon
sun after 5pm..
last yr..the 2 i had in south facing area..actually got sunburned on the
petiole stem.. didnt seem to adversely affect the plant though..
they are tough plants...
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

July 12, 2014
9:36 PM

Post #9892179

well maybe..just maybe im catching on how to grow titanum..LOL :)
my last vegetative growth titanum gave up its leaf the other day..
it was starting to show signs..yellowing leaves, up one morning
and it was collapsed.. my cats looked at me like.." it wasnt us"... lol :)
i dug it a root system.. and the corm did put on some growth from
last planting.. YEA !!!
i've got to take i have as reference for next yr when (if i dont kill them) to compare
on growth..
i have a big 80 gal ( 300 liter) fabric pot for the big titanum to go in..
i can feel my aching back already come oct when its gotta come in the house..

July 14, 2014
5:38 AM

Post #9893148

Yep, you want them to grow fast, then you pay the penalty.

I managed to get a quick visit home today (wouldn't have normally been there until end of the week. Gave the titanums a bit of a shower with dam water (oxygenated). They looked like they could use it. Day times it pretty hot and dry. Checked on my leaflet cutting. The leaflet is still hanging in there despite looking a bit worn. The little tuber at the base is getting bigger, probably about the size of a broad bean. There's a little lump on one side. I suspect it might be going to grow a leaf. Took some photos. It's in sphagnum moss which is completely soggy. I was worried before that it might be too wet but it (the tuber) seems to be growing quite well. Didn't want to move it in case I upset it. Thought that too wet in winter might not be good. But in the past I've changed thing for plants when I thought it was best for them and ended up killing them. Seems they know best. So I'll leave the titanum wallowing in its very soggy medium and hope it stays happy.

Thumbnail by tropicbreeze   Thumbnail by tropicbreeze         
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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

July 14, 2014
6:40 AM

Post #9893220

way to go tropic..
i only have 1 titanum in full leaf still..others are shooting new petioles
weeks before i get any possible leaves for cuttings.. i think i will try it again..
u mention sphagnum..ive given it some thought on using for leaf cutting starts..and for
keeping dormant titanums ..and other "tropical" amorphs..
ive gotta find source for bales of it though..not these little 2 qt (1 liter) packs..
Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

July 14, 2014
8:08 AM

Post #9893281

tropicbreeze is that a titanum piece of a leaf? I am sort of a newbie and don't quite understand.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

July 14, 2014
8:32 AM

Post #9893297

well finally got out early and took some pics..:)
forest of mostly konjac..with 3 titanums in various stages
comming out of dormancy..
unpotted titanums are the ones that most recently went
dormant.. largest one is just over 10 inches wide,other is
7 inches ..

Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   
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Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

July 14, 2014
10:40 AM

Post #9893410

Love the pics! That last pic is too cool. An entire jungle of great plants!!

July 14, 2014
11:16 PM

Post #9893970

Joyce, the whole above ground structure is a single leaf, which has a lot of leaflets. I cut off a large leaflet, put some rooting powder on the cut, and placed it in sphagnum moss in a pot. It gets watered regularly. I'm away at work most of the time so everything is on automatic irrigation.

That's one way of getting more titanum plants. Trying to get seeds from them for propagation is a long wait.
Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

July 14, 2014
11:26 PM

Post #9893972

Gotta tell you I expanded the picture of the leaf. The moss is really gross looking when it is

Well that sure is interesting.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

July 27, 2014
8:11 AM

Post #9904035

i was expecting my larger titanums to "rest" for a bit..not so..all of them have
petiole shoots showing..already..
one titanum.."mr slow" is even comming to life..
last was so slow going ..the petiole took forrrrreeeevvvverrrr to get into leaf..
so far its following same pattern this year..
and so far..i do like the heavy fabric pots im using..
i'll see how that goes this fall when i have to haul them inside..
i like that i can get really wide the roots plenty of room to grow out.
and ..ive done some pot a curious sort..:)... the roots are going all
the way to sides of pots..some of my larger titanum corms have equal distance of
total diameter on all sides.. 10" corm..has 10" on all sides to grow out roots..smaller
corms have more..
i like the kelp/fulvic/humic/biological fungicide mix ive been addtion to my
last yrs roots on corms were massive..lots of root hairs too..
im fertilizing heavier this yr too.. hope that helps corms put on some massive size..
i might have to ship the big ones to you tropic.:) you have the tropic climate,and room..
i also am using spaghnum moss (long new zealand) wetted on my "tropical" amorphs..
between just going dormant..and when they come back to life.. i like it so far...keeps corms moist ,easy to use,reuse.
Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

July 27, 2014
12:30 PM

Post #9904180

Sounds like what you are doing is working perfectly. Post some pics when you get a chance. Would love to see them.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

July 27, 2014
12:46 PM

Post #9904184

joyce..will do..
i think considering that im not growing the "tropical" amorphs in a greenhouse..
and here in sure not in the tropics..LOL :) i am doing ok..
im thinking reason my titanums arent putting on big growth each successive growth because of that..they get a good 5 months of natural sun, unfortunately low
humidity..then in the house.moderate light..and moderate humidity..
not the perfect conditions for these wonderful plants..but..ok
i really want to eventually get all 4 of the "tropical" big amorphs to bloom.. that would be
very cool... LOL am i a nutcase gardener or what..??? LOL :)
Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

July 27, 2014
6:24 PM

Post #9904474

I can understand being a nutcase wanting them to bloom.
We are obviously 'nutcases' growing tropicals in zone 5a without a greenhouses...rofl.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

September 3, 2014
3:47 PM

Post #9932286

what did everyone go away..i promise..i'll take a shower..
its starting to cool off nites here..:( sigh.. means..soon..usually end of sept..if im
lucky early oct i'll be hauling in all the tropicals.. this yr..probably early..
this hasnt been a kind summer..nite temps... for my tropicals..
one of my titanums..that got over 7 ft tall last season.. it barely hit 41 inches above the pot
:( bummer.. looks great..just not the monster i hoped for..
hopefully the tuber puts on some nice size though..
also. just repotted last titanum that has broke dormancy..

Thumbnail by tropicalnut777   Thumbnail by tropicalnut777         
Click an image for an enlarged view.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

September 3, 2014
9:40 PM

Post #9932496

Don't know about you but we are going to hit the 50's at night this week!! I think we are going to have an early fall. I have already started getting the garden room ready to start moving things in. Summer went by fast!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

September 10, 2014
4:39 PM

Post #9937462

well i got my completion to the "tropical" amorphs today..
YEA !!
i just got the last.. decus-salvae today..from germany.. wish
more USA growers would grow out the other species of the tropicals..
hint.. hint.. :)
i think id like to add a couple more hewettii, gigas,and 2 more decus-salvae
just in case i kill 1.. sigh..
titanums.. i gotta forest of mmm.. lol
i want to go to the african amorphs now.. from i see some very
cool looking species from africa..
Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

September 11, 2014
6:35 AM

Post #9937825

I will have to look up the website. I got 98 pct of the tropicals in. We are going to hit the 40's. Some have grown so much I am going to have to do some major cutting. Now the task of watering all the time...!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

September 30, 2014
6:56 PM

Post #9950806

all the larger titanums are out of dormancy now.. 2 have been sitting around for 3 months..nothin..i pulled them all inside couple weeks ago..sitting in sunny window..on heat mat..and pop..they came
one is showing some serious sigh..wonder how big she'll get.. its not the largest i think im ok.. lol..guess i'll find out in a month..
my gigas,hewettii are doing great.. decus-silvae is just starting to shoot up..
the gigas petioles are really lovely..i'll take some pics and post.. alot of colour and patterns
on the petiole..
better look..see tropics pic of his big one !!! very cool !!!!
the bloom is just starting to open.. WAY COOL MAN !! :)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

October 5, 2014
11:25 AM

Post #9953312

potted up the titanum sprouted seed.. they got here fast!!
im using potting mix and topped with sphagnum moss..with titanum
seed in the moistened moss.. so far..the seeds look good still.. hope i
dont kill them..sigh..
yea.. more titanums.. lol.. :) i have 15 tubers currently..various sizes
and now another 12 seeds..all sprouted..and if i dont kill them..i gotta put up
a greenhouse.. oh and my leaf cuttings..i must have done something right this
time.. 3 leaves are going well.. i dont wanna mess with them yet..but maybe in dec
if leaves still look good..i'll pull them out of sphagnum and see if roots have formed..
hope so..
?? anyone else start titanum..or any of the other "tropical" amorphs from seed????
would love to read of your successes and insights..
much thanks...


Mountain View, HI

October 11, 2014
1:35 PM

Post #9956925

Is Bulbifer classified as a tropical? Must be seeing as how it grows here in Hawaii outdoors.

I've had one in a pot for about 6 years. Its blooms set seeds, seeds fall to the surface and seedling plants grow. I then put the seedlings in pots (just started doing that this year)

Saurumatum Venosum bloomed and set a seeds this year. Seeds are still tight on the stem and not yet fully matured. If they are viable there will be hundreds - AND I HAVE TOO MANY ALREADY.

Hurricane Iselle caused some fallen tree damage to the pot and adult plants of Bulbifer this year so I will be repotting for the first time and see what size and number of tubers I have.

Just received Amorph. Dunnii from a neighbor but too small to bloom yet.

Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

October 20, 2014
6:47 PM

Post #9962024

wow..what did we all dissapear from talking about our beloved titanum..???
:) LOL
my update..
all my 12 titanum seeds are going well.. i think 1/2 have petiole starts showing now
YEA!! i'll take some pics soon.. and post..
the titanum leaf cuttings have rooted really well.. i think they are where i need to pot up..
?? anyone with experience in this?? currently they are just in spahgnum moss.. i do spray the
moss every other day to keep semi moist..and add kelp powder,amino acids,and lately a weak
solution of 20:20:20 fertilizer..
aside my hewettii seeds are swelling now..and showing roots too.. YEA! !
gigas..which are my most recent potted sign yet.. but they arent rotting
hope thats good..
one of my larger titanum tubers petiole is just starting to open up.. it too will be a shorter version of last growing seasons height.. the tuber was good sized from before.. i think with
them outside and the chilly nites we had..they didnt like at all !!!
the other larger titanum tubers are at various stages..all are out of dormancy though..
hope to see more posters here... :) hint.. hint...
Kansas City (Joyce), MO
(Zone 5a)

October 21, 2014
3:01 PM

Post #9962499

Oh post pics would love to see it all happening


Delray Beach, FL
(Zone 10a)

October 21, 2014
3:31 PM

Post #9962516


I love titanums and any aroid. I have some growing on the side of the house. I hope they're still there. The grass crew sometimes cut more than the grass. As soon as this downpour is over, I'll go check on them.

Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

October 21, 2014
5:29 PM

Post #9962590

wish i could grow my "tropical" amorphs outdoors.. sigh..
its either move..or put up a greenhouse..:)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

November 7, 2014
3:00 PM

Post #9971131

well my slow to get going titanum.. aka "mr slow".. i gotta come up with a
snappier name for it..:) LOL is the surprise usual..
its now 83 inches tall.. (above the potting mix).. geeshh..
the leaves are just starting to spread im going to be ok..
ceiling is only 9 :( ekkk..
i have it in south facing window.. lots of sun..nice warm toasty heating
mat under the pot.. so im hoping to see some tuber growth on it
next summer.. when im guessing it will go into dormancy..
this is my 2nd growing season with this one..
Wyoming, MN

April 11, 2015
11:50 PM

Post #10052550

Don't have any aroids myself...yet. But a friend has several titaniums the two largest have 200 lb bulbs it took 5 people to lower them into their huge pots. One should bloom July of 2016 I will be there! LOL. One is loaded with seeds. from last bloom. He had a commercial greenhouse so plenty of room to grow them.I am 6' tall and the leaf is waaay over my head. Beautiful mottled stems too.

April 12, 2015
2:12 PM

Post #10052860

They do look great, but so slow to grow. Worth it when they get to flower. Mine are growing outside, but still in pots to keep them away from nematodes. Had my A. gigas flower last year, 3.1 metres tall. It's the tallest flowering Amorph, but the inflorescence (spadix and spathe) is only half the size of that of titanum. Gigas gets its height from sitting on a much longer stem. Meantime though, my titanums have a while to go before they're flowering size.

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